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The subject is Entrepreneurship for the Hair Transplant Doctor (runs 25 minutes) and it has a Godfather theme


I’ve been splitting my 1mg min, and taking half in the morning, and the other half at night. Do you think this is a good idea, or should I just take the whole pill once a day?

Either way, it will work. The value of finasteride is in what sticks to the hair follicle stem cells


We use a standard double accounting system when we do FUE. We count the number of attempts at FUE, then we count the number of grafts that come out and subtracting the difference tells us how good we are at the process. Then we recount them when they are examined, trimmed and placed into the recipient area. All of this activity is recorded on the patient’s surgical report which is available to any of our patients who want to see it.


Background: I’m 34, 35 in May. Noticed losing hair when I was 27. Crown first then, then hairline. The hairline isn’t noticeable unless taken at an overhead angle like I attached. I lose hair in a pattern, but its thinning, I have the same hairline as I had when i was in my early 20’s, its just thinned out, and not moved upwards, meaning I don’t have a V shape. Crown obviously thinning. But only extremely noticeable in bright pictures. Some pics I just look as if I have a blonde spot in the midst of my dark brown hair.

The consensus is “wait, you may lose more hair”. But its been the same if not a bit better (cause treatment) for probably 5 years. So starting to think If I do lose more, it will be a long time from now, or very slowly and I can react to it— so why not go for the HT now?

I dermaroll 1.5 weekly, minox daily, 2% niz. Have tried fin 3 separate times, splitting pills in half, taking them eod. Got sides every time, brainfog, low libido. Fin’s side effect profile for a cosmetic drug is not a good trade off imo. I won’t be trying it again no matter the consequences.

I was going to post this on realself, but the doctors seem to tend to reply with a lame copy and pasted response.

Thoughts on HT in my position?

You are correct to stay away from finasteride. One good option is that you get Scalp Micropigmentation which will create a thickened, much fuller look. You must be prepared; however, that over time the thinning MAY lead to balding so a plan must be created to address your next step. I am big on a Master Plan for anything you do (see:


Im just kinda also wondering why, when so many men took 5 times the dosage for BPH prior to it ever even being used for hairloss, that we didnt hear about all of this sexually related morbidity- especially when you consider who was doing most of that initial prescribing: Urologists. I mean, these would have also been the first line guys to field those complaints. 
Seems the one side effect they did hear about was the hair growth- which led to the realization DHT was involved in hair loss……  And exactly- in addition- where are the actual studies?
“His point needs to be addressed. These original patients were mostly over 55 years of age, but at 5 times the dose one would expect more post finasteride syndrome, yet it was never reported other than the limited numbers when subtracted from the placebo effect as sexual side effects were reported in the original study of finasteride at about 2% and I am certain that men over 55, may have a lower sex drive to account for a lack of reporting I take finasteride at the 1mg dose and don’t have sexual side effects”. Dr. Tim Carmen
“I’m not convinced that side effects are dose dependent, at least comparing 1mg to 5 mg.  Most of the discussions about reduced side effects using 0.5mg are anecdotal. I believe that the subgroup of men with side effects are somehow more sensitive, which may be unrelated to dosage.  They also seem to be an age group under 35yrs. Also, Merck researchers knew that finasteride could potentially grow hair, but needed to get FDA approval first for BPH”. Dr. Ed Epstein


This is an interesting new approach to hair loss. We need to wait to see the FDA safety and effectiveness studies on this compound.

Mystery compound found to be safe and effective at treating hair loss. Details in comments. from tressless


I had a anxiety attack on thanksgiving day and got terrified and got scared and got off fin that day.  Every since then my anxiety has been through the roof. I can hardly sleep. Before that day of the attack I was fine.  I mean I always kinda had anxiety and depression but this is on another level.  This can’t be from the fin correct?   Also can you experience withdrawals from fin?

This is a classic anxiety attack having nothing to do with the actual drug


I’m trying to determine if I lost any grafts after a recent FUE. I was extremely gentle and did not touch the grafts until day 5 when I was instructed to use moderate pressure and rub at the crusts to remove them. Some of the spots, especially near the hairline and temples were still acutely tender. I expected hairs to still be attached to the crusts. Many hairs did fall out with them. I have read your study on how long it takes grafts to anchor. My question is how much bleeding is typically associated with a graft loss? Just a spot? An ooze? A trickle?

Many places say you probably didn’t lose any grafts unless there was pain or bleeding. But they never specify how much bleeding. I am now at day 7. And hairs began falling off at day 5 with the pressure, which worries me that it was too early. Also, can I use lotion or moisturizer on the recipient site? It tends to dry out.

I wrote that paper with Dr. Bernstein on Graft Anchoring and here it is: As long as there are crusts attached to the grafts, you must not mess with pulling them off. That is why I get all of the crusts off on day one. You can use a conditioner after shampoo and moisturizers after the crusts are off.


I have examined many of my patients over decades who have had miniaturized hair, went on finaseride and then reversed the miniaturization.


Guillermo started his FUE in 1998 and followed his hair loss with us since then. As he got older, he did lose the central forelock which shows prominently in the before photos that he is holding.  As you can see, his FUE is nothing short of normal looking. We published the first article in the world on FUE in 2002 based upon 6 years of clinical research and the rest is history. Every hair surgeon in the world, having read the article, started performing FUE. It took years for most hair surgeons to perfect the technology.  See original article here:

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