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You have what appears to be one or more small areas of necrosis which, when healed, will produce a scar without hair growth. This is usually a failure of the surgeon’s technique for creating recipient sites.




These are scabs (crusts) from the recipient site grafts. They should have been washed off within the first day and the following day after the surgery.

Now, you must wait 12 days to remove them. You should leave shampoo on the area for 10 minutes then gently rub it with your fingertips. As the scabs loosen, they will come off slowly. Repeat this twice a day until they come off.  Don’t pick them off.


Your donor area may show some donor site depletion from the FUE. This is not unusual if you had many grafts harvested.

The average African American hair density is generally low, so it limits the FUE procedure to about 1500 FUE grafts.

donor area depletion


Yes, the hair that is shedding from taking finasteride (in the few patients that develop a shed) will most likely be the hairs that regrow when finasteride starts working.


I have seen this in a few patients. People only usually complain if the reverse is true, so most of my patients who have this side effect don’t volunteer it unless I probe it. It is important for you to bring your story forward. Thanks

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You have terrible crusting which should have been washed off in the first day after your transplant with a good shampoo technique. Now, this will take weeks to come off. You should leave shampoo on your head for 15 minutes each and gently massage the crusts every time you wash your hair when they are waterlogged.  Slowly, over a week, they will come off.



Millions and millions of dollars have been spent to get this type of technology to market, but since Johoda’s successful stem cell transplant in the 1980s, there is still not a single technology available that is marketed with good science behind it. There are, however, may stem cell treatments that are being marketed by sham doctors who claim that these treatments work just to make $$$. I always tell my patients, “Let the buyer beware,” or that there are scams out there.



Torey Lanez hair transplant is looking great… I’m so happy for him. from tressless


I am taking good care of myself with a 1000 calorie diet and daily exercise, but I am losing hair anyways. Can I have a thyroid problem?

Both hypo and hyperthyroidism can cause hair loss and precipitate genetic balding if you have the genes for balding. You need to see a doctor and get your thyroid checked out.  Also, your extreme diet can cause balding to appear especially if you have the genes for balding.


Hair systems are a choice. They work well for some men but not for others. The three limitations of the hair systems are (1) the cost is very, very high when calculated over a 5 year period (more than transplants,  (2) they cause traction alopecia which is permanent hair loss from the glue and attachments that are used to secure them and (3) for the young man, they can’t allow a woman to run their fingers through their hair.


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