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According to a Google look-up, Dr. Brotzu pioneered this lotion.  It is reported to be an “Omega-6 fatty acid. It is supposed to be an anti-inflammatory lotion. It is being promoted in the product as a precursor to PGE1. Specifically, DGLA is converted to PGE1 via the cox-1 and cox-2 pathways”. There are no FDA claims that have been cleared by this. So much of what you read is hypothetical and possibly illegal in the US.  I Can’t say if it works or not, as I would have to read a clinical scientific paper on it first.


I have histamine positive skin. Six weeks after HT, it was still quite red. I used OTC topical antihistamine gel (Benadryl), applied to affected area twice a day for 5 days, and it dramatically reduced the redness.


The pathomechanism for omeprazole-induced hypertrichosis is not known. Omeprazole significantly increases duodenal prostaglandin (PG)E2 synthesis and elevates the expression level of cyclooxygenase-2 protein and PGE2 level. Prostaglandin F2 alpha analogues such as latanoprost can increase pigmentation, thickness, length, and number of eyelashes. Prostaglandins are involved in hair growth regulation; PGE2 and PGF2 alpha stimulate hair growth, whereas PGD2 has an inhibitory effect. Is has been suggested that a balance between PGE2 and PGD2 controls hair growth in mouse and human skin, whereas drugs that stimulate hair growth may exert their effects by acting on prostaglandin pathways. It has been suggested that minoxidil increases production of PGE2, and topical cetirizine, which has been reported to be beneficial in androgenetic alopecia, decreases inflammatory cell infiltrate and PGD2 production. Prostaglandins may have an action on hair growth regulation through their vasomotor effects in the dermis, inducing blood flow in the perifollicular vessels, and by inducing DNA replication and stimulation of cell division and growth.

There is a solution in this disease because vellus hairs are turned into real terminal hairs. Can it be identified?



This is an interesting post suggesting that there is a pathway to reverse graying.

Repigmentation And New Growth Of Hairs After Anti–interleukin-17 Therapy With Secukinumab [Study in comments] from tressless


This is an unusual genetic condition. Topical Minoxidil may help, but reports are not well documented. When she gets older, try oral Minoxidil as it may have value. I don’t like using this drug in someone of your daughter’s age.  For the readers’ education, the short anagen syndrome means that hair, which usually grows out about 3 years in a child at a rate of about 1/2 inch per month, has a short growing cycle that does not allow the hair to grow out long. If the rate of growth is a 1/2 inch per month, and the anagen cycle lasts two months, for example, the length of hair will be limited to one inch or so.


 I was born in 1959 with a bald spot on the upper left scalp. It has never changed. My mother checked out a wig when I was a child, but that was no real solution. Never looked into it further. I part it to the right, and usually pull some back to cover it. At times, I do envy those who can just leave their hair without a fuss or worry about the wind separating it and having my bald spot showing, or having trendy haircuts and styles. I wish there was an easy way to have what’s left of my life without it. However, I keep hearing my mother’s words, saying “God made you special for a reason”. My final thought – embrace it… learn how to fix your hair to make you feel more comfortable, and if anyone is that critical, ignorant, or shallow over something you had no control over, they are not worth your time of day, people. Now that I have lost hair as I got older, it is harder to cover that bald spot. Can I get it fixed with a hair transplant?

For those who read this blog, hair transplants are commonly performed to fix these types of bald spots if they bother you very much.


Dear sir, Reg. your comment on the diffuse thinning post – I got a Dermapen 2.00 mm done once. Is it possible that it killed my follicles permanently?

It is unlikely that this instrument would kill the hair as its depth is not deep enough to get to the hair root.



I have heard you say that hair transplants are not an option for young men under 25. If you are confident about getting good results for NW7 people, why are young men who are heading to a Class 7 pattern not good candidates

The supply of donor hair in a Class 7 pattern is only 20% of the total original hair. Only half of it can be used.  That means that 10% of the original hair will have to cover the balding 80% of your scalp.  Unless you have great donor density, the math does not work out. If you combine it with Scalp Micropigmentation, the reduction of contrast can make it work.

So, let me contradict myself a bit, as here is a couple of Class 7 patients who had hair transplants ( The first one has 10,000 grafts and had a very high donor density so his results were fairly good. The last patient had a very fine hair, about 5,000 grafts and looked good from the front and used a comb-back which he didn’t see in the mirror.


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