Joe Penny, perhaps best known for his starring roles in hit 1980s television series Riptide and Jake and the Fatman or more recently his guest spot on the popular TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigations and the Hallmark Channel’s Jane Doe TV movies, has agreed to let me show his results from a repair job started years back. Due to a variety of professional obligations, we were unable to schedule more work until about a year ago. When his old, ugly plugs from another doctor showed, I was reluctant for him to tell people that I was his doctor (even if only for repairs, because I did not finish the repair job)… but now things are very different as these two month old pictures show.

He tells me that on many occasions he’s overheard fellow actors talking about hair transplants, expressing fear of taking charge and doing something about their thinning hair. As Joe puts it, “It takes a great deal of courage to make the decision to get a hair transplant, especially when you see so many bad jobs out there in Hollywood. You get gun shy after making a bad decision and it took me some time to make the decision to fix my bad hair job. But now, when people talk about a hair transplant for their balding and struggle with the hair loss problem, they don’t look at me as an expert any more”.

Update 2/1/08 6:00 pm:

Joe just wrote to me. He did not know that I put him on the blog today, even though he gave me permission to do this over a month ago. This is what he said: “I want to thank you again for your kindness and your generosity in my case. The last procedure I had..even after seeing you a couple of months ago..has still continued to grow and thicken. Also the donor area…because of the expert surgical job you did… is so loose I cannot believe it! It is truly astounding to me. I mean…I new you were good but WOW! The results speaks louder than words. I have recommended several people to come and see you. I know that some of them have already come. They called me and were very angry at me, meaning…well the dialogue went something like this…”Why the hell didn’t you tell me about the NEW HAIR INSTITUTE BEFORE” My response was “I DID…YOU WERE NOT LISTENING”. They are extremely satisfied, as I have been for years. So I will keep spreading the word about the fantastic work you and you Doctors are doing at NHI.

After I received this email, I wrote to him asking for permission to use the above email. His response came in at 9:00pm and this is what he said: “Yes, you have my absolute permission to post my email. Please consider this communication as my acknowledgment that it is absolutely OK with me to post it. Not a problem Dr. Rassman. If there is a group oif men or if there is an open house going on at the office with people who are considering it and might feel a little shy or afraid of a surgery, just let me know and IF I, AM…AND IN TOWN….I WILL DO MY BEST TO ATTEND AT AN OPEN HOUSE!

Thanks You Doc,


Your fan forever, Joe Penny
God Bless You And Keep You

Joe is not atypical for someone who has gone through a type of hell with the old type of hair transplant plugs done years ago. I am absolutely humbled by his comments. For as long as I have been in this industry, I have been pleased to be able to help men like Joe and there have been hundreds of them, but it is even better to put hair back on a new patient who would never have to experience Joe’s type of pain.

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After repair:


Before repair (scanned photos):


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