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What is your opinion on Joe Biden’s HT? This was the most read article in Politico during the weekend!

Biden’s helmet

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Joe Biden - After
Joseph Biden’s hairline, 2008
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Joe Biden - Before
Joseph Biden’s plugs, 1987

It was only a matter of time until US Senator and Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden‘s hair transplant became part of the discussion of the man. I am old enough to remember when he first had it done. It was done in the old style of transplants (the “pluggy” look) and he clearly has had more transplants since then to soften the hairline presentation to be more consistent with the newer technologies being done today. Having white hair solves most of the refinement problems as well.

I remember a very prominent litigating lawyer who came in for a hair transplant when the BBC asked to interview a patient. Under the provision that it not be shown in the United States, the lawyer agreed. A caustic British lady interviewer asked him (while on camera) why he felt so “inadequate” that he had to have a hair transplant to face the world. He responded that he had no problem with who he was. He was happily married with two children and he had a very successful law practice, but the man in the mirror no longer reflected what he felt he should look like. If he had a broken nose, he said, he would of course fix it. So with good technology available, he decided to have a hair transplant and bring back the man in the mirror that he thought he was. Why not? He combed his hair in the morning, put on a tie and a nice suit, wore nice shoes, and created an image of who he was to the world about him. He did it because it made him feel good, not particularly to impress anyone. Hair was just part of his image.

Having vanity surgery (hair transplants, eyes done, face lift, liposuction) or just working out does not mean that people who do this have feelings of inadequacy. People who take charge of their lives should be admired — certainly, I admire them. For the readers of this site, they might like to know that I have had transplants, my eyes done, and a face lift some years ago. I also work out regularly to create who I want to be and to be healthier, but I am no Joe Biden. His hair transplant is just a tiny, tiny footnote in his 35+ year career in the public eye, but I won’t wish him luck in the Presidential election, because men of his stature make their destiny happen.

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