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Job loss stress and anxiety seem to be causing an increasing number of people in Taiwan to lose their hair, with a higher incidence of the condition occurring among females, medical doctors in northern Taiwan said Wednesday.

Li Cheng-hung, a dermatologist at the Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital in Taipei, told reporters that among his patients, more women than men are suffering from alopecia areata, a skin disorder that causes the hair to fall out in round or oval patches.

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Stress can trigger hair loss… that has been known. Alleviate the stress and you might see your hair regrow, particularly in women where MPB isn’t a factor. For men, stress may just trigger the genetic hair loss you would’ve experienced down the line anyway. The article doesn’t get into any actual studies though, and just says that some doctors say female hair loss rates are on the rise. I’d like to see more proof, but the article is what it is.

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