Hi, I was reading an article yesterday that mentions Propecia and Avodart and tumor growth. I’ll put the link below. I’m currently taking Propecia and I want to know if I have anything to be concerned about? Thanks!

Article: Avodart may promote some tumor growth

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AvodartSometimes its hard to decipher research and its conclusions especially when there is controversy. The news you are referring to is from a recently published study in the April 2010 New England Journal of Medicine (a respected medical journal). Its conclusion was, “Over the course of the 4-year study period, dutasteride reduced the risk of incident prostate cancer detected on biopsy and improved the outcomes related to benign prostatic hyperplasia.” This is good.

The confusion is in the news article spin-off you found of other doctors giving their opinions and commentaries. The significance of this article is that now Avodart (dutasteride) has been shown to reduce the risk of incident prostate cancer similar to what was shown in the Proscar (finasteride 5mg) study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2003.

Despite the apparent positive findings, there were controversies due to interpretation of the studies where some thought Proscar may be delaying aggressive prostate cancer from being detected. To address this, the National Cancer Institute published a bulletin in 2006 which stated, “We’ve now shown that the cancers prevented by finasteride are often clinically significant, the same kind of cancers that lead to surgery. In addition, we showed a 28 percent reduction of high-grade cancer with finasteride.

Remember, these are positive findings for Proscar and now Avodart. Also note that these studies are not about Propecia (finasteride 1mg), and while the inference is there, you cannot make a claim that taking the 1mg dose will have the same impact on the reduction of prostate cancer risk.

So to answer your question more simply — no, I do not think you have anything to be concerned about based on this information.

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