What does FOX negative mean?


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We coined the term “FOX” at New Hair Institute back in 2002 for FOllicular unit eXtraction. We thought FOX sounded better than FUE. We also published a paper on follicular unit extraction, describing how some patients are good FOX/FUE candidates and some are not.

I realize FUE is performed at many clinics without any pre-testing on all patients who want to have the surgery, however at NHI we pre-qualify potential patients with a FOX/FUE test to see if they are good candidates. A very small percentage of patients will have high transection rates with FUE and these are the FOX negative patients we are talking about.

We generally do not recommend FOX/FUE surgery if the transection rate is approaching 20% or more. If the patient is FOX negative, it is an inherent problem to the patient (not the doctor or clinic or machine). As we wrote about our experience with NeoGraft a week ago, the machine could not successfully harvest a known FOX negative patient.

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