We were explaining our hair transplant and Scalp Micropigmentation procedures to a group of patients today and we were shocked to find our pictures lifted off of our various websites and now appearing on the web sites of other doctors. This, of course, is a copyright infringement so letters are now being sent out by our lawyer informing these doctors that if they do not remove these photographs, then we will take legal action against them. They appeared on doctors websites and various other clinics from all over the world, not just the United States.
There was a case many years ago when I brought one of my patient to an international ISHRS medical meeting. This patient who was completely bald (Norwood 7) had phenomenal results in one session due to his unusual high donor hair density. Doctors were photographing him at the meeting. Later I found these photos on the doctor’s websites claiming that he was their patient! I guess that being a thief is really a matter of what is best for your pocketbook when it comes to unethical practices.

There seems to be a problem for many doctors wanting to get into Scalp MicroPigmentation but they do not have good before and after photos or reviews to show prospective patients. They take a short cut and plagiarize pictures they need off of the Internet. There seems to be no moral scruples among these thieves. Even a doctor can be a thief. We even found some of our photos with our own NHI WATERMARKS on them, telling those who see them that these photos originate from the New Hair Institute. We even found one of our celebrity patients on the site of another doctor.

What does this mean? It means that as a buyer, you must be careful for what the doctors are showing you, as what you are seeing may not be what you are getting.