The University of Pennsylvania has been on the cutting edge of both (1) stem cell development for hair growth and (2) fat cell use in the treatment of acute scars producing reprogramming of cells in a wound. This is going to become a huge field with almost incalculable value. We have known for a long time that fat has stem cells has significant value when used in the treatment of various skin and scar problems. For example, the yellow fat next to the hair follicles seen in a hair transplant, has strong supportive characteristics that are important anatomical elements contributing to a successful hair transplant.

Various presentations on the use of such fat cells have been presented at medical meetings and in various medical publications. One in particular stands out was the use of hair grafts for the treatment of huge ulcers on the leg resulting from vascular disease. When these ulcers are transplanted with hair grafts that contain significant amounts of fat around them, these non-healing ulcers fully heal. As my background included the treatment of such non-healing ulcers, I was amazed to see the value of such grafts in such dire circumstances.

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