This is a 33 year old male who I have been following for a year. His concern is that he is losing hair and he will consider a hair transplant once the hair loss is substantial enough. He is lucky because his hair is wavy, has salt and pepper color and it has a good weight. Because of these characteristics, the eye nor the camera shows the thinning that is certainly happening in his hair. From his HAIRCHECK measurements today, he has lost 50% of his hair in the front behind the hairline, 72% of the hair in the top of his head (imagine a line between the ears) and 50% of the hair in the crown. This is worse than it was a year ago. His frontal hairline shows some see-through as shown in the photos below.



The second patient is 18 years old, noticed that he was losing his hair when he was 16 but failed to see a doctor until today. HAIRCHECK measurements of his hair bulk show that he lost 78% of his frontal hair behind the hairline and 40% of his crown hair. Despite the huge amount of hair loss that was measured, the balding is barely detectable because of his sandy blonde hair which has a low contrast between his hair and skin color. Because he is 18, he has an excellent chance of reversing this hair loss (some or all of it) by using the drug finasteride. See his pictures below: