I have to say, this has been a real education for me, as a woman, reading how devastated young men get get when they experience hair loss. One thing I am certain about…there are JUST as many physical pressures on men as there are on women. For what it’s worth, I have been privy to a lot of private female conversations and I have never once heard a woman criticize a man for hair or say she’s lost her attraction to him. My question for you guys is, what can we do to help the men in our lives feel sexy and supported if they’re having this issue? What would you like to hear from the women in your lives?

I always tell men that it is not what is on their head but what is in their head when it comes to hair loss. As a woman, you look in the mirror and either like what you see or don’t. Some men are ok with balding while others are not. Feeling sexy is really your sense of yourself and your ability to be yourself without hindrances. Take it to the extreme and look at some of our Vets, who have had facial deformities from war. Women may comment about them more than balding men, so looks do count.