THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT READ FOR ANYONE WANTING TO HAVE FUE;  I wrote this article in the past issue of Hair Transplant Forum (Volume #27, #2, May/June 2017) which I believe defines a very important guideline for determining how many FUE grafts are safe. This is illustrated well in the previous post below. We are seeing doctors from around the world performing FUE grafts in the thousands without understanding the limits of this surgery. The goal for many patients, is to get all of your hair back in a single hair transplant FUE session. But that goal is not reasonable for many patients with FUE especially when the donor density is low like most Indians, Asians, South Americans, and people from the Middle East.  Europeans or Russians often have higher donor densities.  The article poses a formula the the doctor can use to actually calculate the safe number of grafts for any particular individual. You have a responsibility to research what your doctors are going to do for you, because if you don’t and if your doctor removes too many FUE grafts from your donor area, you will become bald in the donor area, a bad exchange from balding in the front or the top of your head.  You must realize what the risks are and if the safe limits of FUE are exceeded.  Many patients who end up with a depleted donor area like the previous post, have little choice on how they are to manage their new balding problem as they may become bald in the back of their head.  This article addresses this problem and suggests ways doctors and patients can guarantee that the safe limits for FUE are not exceeded.

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