I am now 26 years-old and seem to be losing ground on my hair since I was 17 years old. My father and my two brothers have a full head of hair so I have been denying that I am losing hair. I need to know if this can be fixed.

Yes, it does look like you are balding as your frontal hairline is distinctly receded and eroding.  A hair transplant can restore it. If you pulled back your hair and your eyebrows are lifted high so that your forehead creases, the proper place of the hair line is one finger breadth above the highest crease. I believe that you will see that your crease is probably at least two finger breadths above the highest crease. A hair transplant would certainly put your hair back to where it normally would be as shown in another patient to the right of your picture. This was a patient I found in my library who looked just like you looked at 17 after his hair transplant.

17 and 26