Hair transplants are an option if you are over 25 years of age. Many men can look normal and never look like they lost their hair or have had a hair transplant.  If you are under 25, you should not get a hair transplant because hair loss is progressive and your balding pattern would not have declared what it is. By the time you reach 25, most people know, with a good doctor’s help, where their balding is going and then can have a hair transplant if the pattern of balding becomes stable with medications.  If you start a hair transplant process before you are 25, and then you continue to lose hair, you may find yourself chasing the hair loss with more and more hair transplants.  This makes it expensive and wasteful of your donor hair.  You need to build a MASTER PLAN with your doctor that outlines what you will do, depending upon the age, at what point in time.

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