hi doctor , excused me if i contact you again about the same topic, you already told me in another website that singing 8 days after hair transplant( FUE) isn’ t a problem. However in that web site it isn’t possible to use many words to explain so i try here. I am a professional singer and i sing high notes (which is equivalent to ” a controlled” scream ), i read that after a hair transplant you can’t shout for some days (to avoid raise blood pressure) but i didn’t understand for many days you can’t shout ( and so also singing high notes) .  I am worried because 8-10 day after hair transplant (FUE) I restarted to sing high notes, so i ask : if the pressure had increased, would i have risked something for my grafts? ( i repeat, 8-10 days after FUE) or you don’t have to scream only the first days? (if yes, how many days? ) I didn’t bleed.

You can sing, scream or do whatever you want, even run a marathon as early as 4 days after a hair transplant. The grafts should be well set in 4 days,