I’m a 22-year-old male who has experienced mass hair shed recently. It stated in June, and has lasted until now. Aside from seeing around 100 hairs in the shower regularly, and having my hair fall out easily when styling, I notice that it doesn’t have the same poof in the front that I usually style it with. I’ve also noticed it is much flatter when wet, and more fluffy and light when its dry. Although the amount of hair shed is tapering down, my hair has not regained its natural shape. Hairs have fallen diffusely but I’ve noticed it more on the top and front of my head. Every hair that falls is thick and there’s been absolutely no temple recession. I’ve seen 1 GP, 1 derm on 2 different occasions with 2 months in between, and 1 hair transplant surgeon who have all definitely stated there is no miniaturization on my scalp and diagnosed me with Telogen Effluvium. I’ve been waiting for my hair to regain its density although I know it is not back yet. My dad has a full head of hair at a NW2, my brother has a juvenile hairline at 28, my paternal grandpa had a nw 3 when he died at 85, and my maternal grandpa has a nw7 at the age of 90 (stated balding late 30’s). My questions is: how long until I am back to normal? You may be concerned with MPB in this situation, and so was I at first, but each diagnosis I was given is that it is 100% not that.

In men, most of the time the hair loss it is genetic, not telogen effluvium.  Men’s don’t have to show miniaturization and still can shed from genetic hair loss. We don’t know why.  Be prepared for the worst case. At 22, considering the drug finasteride as this approach is worth discussing with your doctor