I’ve had two procedures in two consecutive days. First day, they took 4,000 FUE grafts, then they made scratches in the recipient area. The doctor said I had too much bleeding from my scalp (because of Minoxidil). On the second day, they took 4,000 more FUE grafts, and then transplanted all 8,000 grafts. I am now one month after the surgery, and my hair looks worse than before the transplant. I have not used the Minoxidil since the surgery and my donor area has poor density now. 

If you had the first 4,000 grafts taken out and stored, then the next 4,000 grafts taken out the following day with all of the grafts transplanted on the second day, I suspect that not all of the grafts survived, particularly those taken out the first day.  Some of the grafts placed into the recipient area might have problems as well, unless very strict protocols were followed for graft preservation. If the grafts were all transplanted on the second day, then all of the grafts taken out on the first day would not survive. Studies show that after 8 hours, graft survival drop off at 1% per hour.

If your hair is worse now, maybe this will continue. Until the eighth month, you will not know the survival of the grafts or the preservation of the native hair that you had present.  If you had 8,000 FUE grafts, I am almost certain that you will have significant donor site depletion (balding in the donor area) as few patients have the density in the donor area that can support that number of FUE grafts.  This many FUE grafts will make the donor area see-through (appear balding) and will not tolerated well.

I have written about this here: https://newhair.com/baldingblog/2017/07/21/many-fue-grafts-many-fues-grafts-one-know-safe-limits/