I’ve gotten two hair transplant quotes from two doctors and they are so different that it becomes confusing. They both drew the same hairline that they saw is appropriate for a 35 year-old man. One doctor said I needed 2,000 grafts and the other doctor said I would need 4,000 grafts. I’m not sure who to go with (or keep looking). Your thoughts please.

First of all, I don’t agree with the hairline design because I believe it is too high.  Nevertheless, the quote of 4000 grafts is too large for that area. This probably reflects a doctor who is pushing grafts to make money. The correct number will reflect the thickness of your hair shafts. Fine hair takes more grafts and a coarser hair takes fewer grafts.  To find out where your hair line belongs (which is the first step), take a look at yourself in the mirror with your hair pulled back and your eyebrows lifted high, so that your forehead creases. It shows the anatomical point that allows me to determine the proper place of the hairline. A mature hairline belongs one finger breadth above the highest crease of the furrowed brow in the mid-line.

The two photos on the right show a before and after in a Class 6 patient with a single hair transplant of 3,300 grafts 15 years ago. When you compare these two groups of photos, you will realize the lack of realism of the quotes.

quotesClass 6-33300 graft