I have heard you say that hair transplants are not an option for young men under 25. If you are confident about getting good results for NW7 people, why are young men who are heading to a Class 7 pattern not good candidates

The supply of donor hair in a Class 7 pattern is only 20% of the total original hair. Only half of it can be used.  That means that 10% of the original hair will have to cover the balding area (80% of your scalp).  Unless you have great donor density, the math does not work out. If you combine it with Scalp Micropigmentation, the reduction of contrast can make it work.

So, let me contradict myself a bit, as there are few of Class 7 patients who had hair transplants (https://newhair.com/baldingblog/2007/05/25/difference-between-norwood-class-7-patients-with-photos/). The first one had 10,000 grafts and a very high donor density, so his results were fairly good. The last patient had very fine hair, about 5,000 grafts, and looked good from the front. He used a comb-back which he didn’t see in the mirror.