Hi Doc,
I have been following your blog closely & am really grateful to you for all your help. I had a FUE surgery done 2 years ago but now I wish I hadn’t. Basically I have a big bald spot & after reading the articles should have had strip. Now my problem is I dont like to have my hair long as its thin & doesn’t look good. Wearing them short as I do now exposes the donor & the recipient areas..By short I mean buzz. I dont shave my head.

What do you suggest i should do? Please help as I am losing my self confidence & getting depressed.

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When there are large follicular unit extraction (FUE) sessions done on a patient with low density hair, it will show thinning in the donor area and a leave the patient with a more see-through back of the head. We have treated many FUE patients with Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) in the donor area to add some contrast to the skin. It also works wonders on the recipient area, making the hair look fuller in both locations.

Take a look at the site SMP site and see the many patients who have been treated with this modality. Particularly, look at this patient below, which shows a before and after treatment for FUE scars. This patient and many more can be found in our SMP gallery.

SMP before/after for FUE scars

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