For those that didn’t see our announcement last week, check it out here — Breakthrough FUE Announcement by the New Hair Institute.

Below is a one minute video of our new technique for doing follicular unit extraction (FUE) that allows you to keep the donor hair long. We are averaging about 300 grafts per hour. Some patients are more difficult than others, so our hourly extraction ranges from 200-500 grafts per hour, depending upon the patient. With a traditional FUE when we do not have to deal with the long hair, our speed goes up considerably.

We use a specialized instrument that we have created for all of our FUE procedures and it has worked well for us for quite some time. So you might ask, “What is the difference between the standard FUE and the mini-FUE?” Simply put… we will not have to shave your donor area, as no haircut is required to get to the donor grafts. You can go back to work the very next day without the potential of anyone seeing a shaved area at the back of the head. What is mini about this procedure? It is smaller than our usual FUE so we call it a ‘mini’ procedure (mini-FUE).

All of the benefits of FUE without the downside of the social disruption. As you look at the video, note that the grafts are coming out with a long hair, so you see that no shave was done. Contact us at to schedule a consultation.

Watch the clip below (caution – surgical content):

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