Is it possible for you to provide a step-by-step guide describing the procedure a patient would undergo during a first consultation at NHI, please – are there particular requirements a patient should consider in preparation for such a consultation (e.g. hair length, washing instructions, medical records, etc.)?
Thank you.

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During a consultation, we get to know the patient, understand their personal issues about hair loss, and recommend possible treatments. That is it!

It’s not all that complicated, if you think about it. You come to see us because you are losing hair. We examine the hair, measure the hair density, look for any microscopic patterns which may not be obvious (miniaturization study). If your hair is long enough we can do bulk measurements. But most of the time (for men) the balding is obvious and thus the reason for the visit. So we mostly talk about options and educate the patient. We actually spend a good 30 to 45 minutes on the first consult on most patients. Some more, some less. And while we often think about charging a fee for the amount of time we spend with the patient, we decided the first consult will remain free for a while, at least.

As a final note, at NHI you see the physician (Dr. Rassman or Dr. Pak). You will never see or be screened by a sales man or an associate or any other version of a middle man. Getting a doctor’s opinion always reflects your best interest and because there is no sales personnel involved in the process, there is no motivation for commissions that will be earned for a successful sale. We encourage prospective patients to come to our Open House events which are held monthly. In this way, you will know that what you see is what you are going to get. Nothing is hidden.

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