In this video they talk about advances made in dandruff research in relation to studies made on malazzia yeast by P & G researchers and say that their looking for a cure. I know hair is your specialty not skin but do you know if P & G is likely to find a cure or better treatments for dandruff any time soon? I’m not complaining about the current treatments but I would love it if I could cure the dandruff aspect of my seborrhoeic dermatitis someday.

Link to video – YouTube

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I’ve embedded the video above for those curious. It appears to be from 2008, but I’m not sure what has come of their research since then. I generally do not treat dandruff issues and I don’t really follow dandruff cure related news bits too closely, as I spend too much time already following up on supposed hair loss cures.

I realize you said you’re fine with the current treatments, but for everyone else — There are a variety of shampoos that are formulated to address dandruff, and it is worth trying a few of them to see what works best for you. Of course, the best thing to do is to see a good dermatologist.

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