I have done hair transplants on many of the rich and famous. Almost everyone of them have told me that it improved their self confidence, their ability to be themselves. Hair is maybe the single most important feature of a man. Think of a ‘maneless lion’ he might look like a lioness. I remember early in my career when I did a hairline on a Soap Opera 20 year old who was desired by the married women on the show, when he started to lose his hairline, the producers told him they were going to terminate his role. Then he came to me, got his hair back and they continued him on the show at about $1million/year.  He told me that his image was everything to his career. It is also important to note that since Eisenhower, there has never been a balding present of the United States (except for Donald Trump who hides it poorly and is very sensitive about it). That is because the American Voter believes that balding men are not as trustworthy as hairy men (ref: Men Fittness). I wrote about this before, see here:  https://newhair.com/baldingblog/bald-presidents-and-prime-ministers/