My eyebrows are very thin and light, but my hair is black so I feel that I would like to darken by eyebrows. Would SMP be able to do this?

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Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) may work well to fill out the eyebrows, provided that there is enough hair in the eyebrows and the hair on your eyebrows is dark. If you darken the skin underneath the eyebrow with SMP and the eyebrow hair is lighter in color than the pigment used below, it will be problematic as the dots will show through it (I am assuming that you want a fuller, darker eyebrow).

You can dye the eyebrow a darker color and see if it is full enough. If there is not enough hair in the eyebrow, an eyebrow transplant is the best solution, not a tattoo. Most of the eyebrow transplants I have done usually put in enough hair to fill it up. We often fix defects in the eyebrow or complete the entire eyebrow if there are missing parts.

See these links below to find out just how important eyebrows are to one’s overall appearance:

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