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I am a 30 year old African American male. I had hair transplant surgery a year ago. Mainly to fix my hair line fixed. It’s been a year and barely any improvement, there’s barely any new hair. I don’t if the doctor knew how to do an african american hair. Should i have it done again by another doctor? what should i do? thank you!

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African hair requires considerable experience and few doctors have mastered the process. We have had no problem with this type of transplant of African-American hairs that are kinky.

After a year, the results from your transplant should be noticeable by now. I hope you didn’t have a transplant failure, but an exam would be able to tell that. As you are in Los Angeles, please consider making a free appointment with me in my LA office.

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I have lost my hair at the crown due to tight braiding. Before I try a transplant if it’s even necessary, what products would be best for me as a 43yr old African American Woman? Thanks

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In general, traction alopecia is considered permanent hair loss, particularly if it has been present more than a year. Some women try Rogaine with mixed success, and some women go through hair transplant procedures, which work very well. Every case is different.

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Hi Dr. Rassman,

I want to thank you for developing the new FUE technique that does not require shaving the donor area. I am wondering if this technique has been tried and tested on African Americans given the curly nature of their hair. When I came for my FUE, I actually had to keep indoors and avoid contact with the general public.

I would certainly consider this technique for future transplants if it works for African Americans.


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I have not tested or tried the long hair FUE procedure (mini FUE, mFUE) on the kinky hair character of African-Americans. I do not see any barriers for the technique itself as we have been doing this type of surgery (FUE) on African-Americans for many years.

The difficulties of performing FUE on kinky hair should be the same with the hair long or short. In general, FUE on kinky hair is difficult for the obvious reason that the hair turns into a ‘screw’ shape below the scalp skin.

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my 6 yr old son cries excessively during a haircut and when i wash his hair. Being african american I also brush his hair while washing it to make sure it’s clean. It seems when he’s getting his haircut it’s not painful to me, but he says it hurts when he’s getting his haircut. Is there anything that can be done or should I be worried about anything inside his head or anything. Please help?

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If you have curly, kinky hair and someone is brushing it out, I would think that would be painful. Perhaps this is what your son is experiencing. There may be rare scalp conditions that cause pain, but that would need an examination. You should follow up with your child’s pediatrician.

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Hello!I’m a 32 year old African American Woman. In early March of this year,i went to a salon and got my hair done. The stylist used a product called Morning Glory. When it came time for me to wash my hair, OMG!!! My hair was shedding so bad.

Fast forward to today, I have lost at lest 3-5 inches of my hair. Especially in the front and middle of my head. Some of the back but not as much. Oh and did i mention it sheds really bad everytime i try to do anything to it more of my hair comes out. The same stylist that did my hair told me to come to her for a protein deep conditioner. Will that help?? What can i do to stop the shedding?? I don’t want to go bald!! Please help me. I appreciate any and all advice.

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Morning Glory makes a few different products, so I’m not sure what was used (or for how long it was used) on your hair at the salon. You could be experiencing a chemical burn or an allergic reaction. I don’t know that a protein conditioner will help any more or less than just giving it time to regrow (it will take months). If you’re still losing hair months after this happened, you should visit a dermatologist to make sure there isn’t some allergy to one of the ingredients in the product used at the salon.

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I am a African American woman and i was chemical burn by relaxer about 7 yeas ago. I do not know how and if you can help me with me living in the Caribbean. I was thinking of getting toppik but will that work on my African hair? please help

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Yes. I know many African American men who came into our office to get a consult with us and when they are using Toppik, it seems to work well. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in the same way for women. Give it a try!

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I am a 48 year old African American female. I am diabetic. I also relax my own hair. For a while, the hair on the sides of my head has grown considerably, but the hair on the top of my head had not. Is this indicative of any particular condition? Thank you for your help.

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You may have chemical damage from relaxing your hair, or genetic hair loss…. or something else entirely going on. There are a variety of possible causes for hair loss in women (see here).

Without seeing you, I can not tell much. Make an appointment with a good doctor/dermatologist who will give you an opinion.

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I am a 18 year old Black Teen and I have a receded hairline. But I was born with it. And to top it off the hairline on the sides of my head do not match and look out of proportion. What can I do to lower and get a straighter hairline? is surgery possible? or are there other methods?

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Surgery is possible, but often not recommended to men of your age because of the risks of balding that may impact your future look. I don’t know that there is anything you can do at this point, unfortunately.

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Hello. I had busted my head from a starbucks cappuccino bottle(Please don’t ask how It’s a personal issue..) And I was bleeding harshly from my head so my parents wrapped my head with some bandage really tight and put some healing glue over the scar. In like a week in a half it healed and the glue came off like a scab and I was left with a very smooth scar on the back of my head near the root of my head about the size of a quarter, the top part of your pointer finger(the first line part and up cant explain it good). I know hair isn’t growing back because its been three years.

I want to have the scar removed from my head, the surgery is they cut it out then sew your scalp back together and your left with a lined scar that is barely visible when hair is grown a little. I do NOT want hair transplant please don’t give me information about it. Please explain as much as you can about the “scar removal” surgery I have in mind and also a cost for this.

What I would like to have is have a surgeon cut out the scar since its a little smaller than a quarter and stitch the scalp back together leaving me with just a tiny thin line scar that would be. No wider that the original sizer of the sizer or length. Also since I am african american, I want to cut my hair down low to about a 2 but I can’t cause of this baldspot, my dad is willing to try surgery but not until its reasonable. Remember it is about the size of a quarter which is very small compared to others.

Thank you please help me with my problem. Also the color of the scar is about my skin color maybe even a bit darker, I have black indian hair so a big brown baldspot sticks out. Please fill me in with everything you possibly can.

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Scar removal from the scalp sometimes works well… and sometime doesn’t work well. That depends upon:

  1. Your healing abilities
  2. The location of the scar
  3. The direction of the excision scar
  4. The surgical technique used

I would have to see your scars to determine what I would do. From what you described here, I am at a loss. You need to see a cosmetic surgeon with experience in scar revision.

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My daughter is 15, she has not had a perm in 3 years or more. Just recently her hair began breaking off on the ends and around the edges of her scalp. She uses biosilk shampoo and conditioner and she does flat iron and blow dry her hair at least 3 or four times weekly. What can we do to stop the breakage and promote the growth of her hair? We are african american.

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The use of the flat iron could still contribute to damage, but this is best managed by a good hair stylist with lots of experience with African hair types.

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