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I am a 47 year old african american female. I have been losing massive amounts of hair for the last three weeks. I have consulted with my family doctor, dermatologist and even a gynecologist. My scalp is very itchy and I also have external genital itching. Where else can I go for help?

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Female hair loss can be tricky in determining the source (see here). I don’t know that the scalp hair loss and itching in the pubic area are related, though.

If you are on the east coast, see Dr. Bernstein in New York and if you are on the west coast, you can see me. Alternatively, go to and look up a doctor in your area.

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I am an African American female and experiencing hair loss. I currently use home relaxers on my hair because it’s easier to manage. What can I do to strengthen my hair to help prevent the hair loss? Thanks

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Keep in mind that I am a hair transplant doctor. With that said, from my point of view there is not much you can do to strengthen hair. Despite all the hype, there really is no secret formula. Use what works for you. Eat a healthy diet. Minimize chemical exposure to your hair. I generally will not name supplements and shampoos to give credibility on how to make one’s hair stronger. If this isn’t satisfactory, a hair stylist might be able to recommend some products he/she is likely ready to sell you.

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Snippet from the article:

Chris RockWhile Chris Rock’s new documentary, Good Hair, is certain to get laughs, it’s sure to leave the audience talking. And that’s the point, the comedian says.

“When you talk about something with some weight to it, like hair, even when it’s over, you’re still in people’s heads,” Rock said. “That’s what I wanted with this film.”

The movie, which opened Friday, examines the issue of hair in the African-American community and the pressure to straighten or lengthen naturally coily hair.

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Read the article and interview with Chris Rock at

I believe hair is important to people of all races, but Chris Rock explores the issues that black women have with their hair, including the use of chemical straighteners, weaves, wigs, and other things I’m sure I’m forgetting. The movie trailer looks hilarious and I’m interested in seeing it at some point.

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Hi Dr. Rassman

I am an African American female with a congenital high hair line. I have always hated the vastness of my forehead and am limited to hairstyles with bangs. I would like to have have my hairline lowered. Because of keloid risks I would probably opt for transplants instead of surgery.

My questions are; do you know of any good or great surgeons in NYC or surrounding area who have experience in this type of surgery? Everything I see is in Beverly Hills or Oakland Ca. And also, if I choose to have implants do I have to go to a surgeon who does implants or can I go to a hair restoration institute? Thanks for your time.

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I can’t say for sure either way about the keloids or whether you’re a candidate for surgery, but I do know that Dr. Robert Bernstein in Manhattan would be the person to see in New York. I have worked with him for more than 10 years and we co-authored Hair Loss and Replacement for Dummies.

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hey im really concerned because i noticed the corners of my hairline has went back a little. im only 17 and im african american and i heard its not just a maturing hairline because that only happens to caucasians. please help

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The hairlines of different races do vary and the mature hairline of an African American is different than a Caucasian. You need to see a good dermatologist to determine if you are now balding or if this is a maturing hairline you’re seeing. I would be happy to evaluate you if you’d like to send photos to the address on the Contact page. Otherwise, you can find a hair transplant doctor in your area by checking the physician search at (I’m not suggesting you have surgery, but these doctors will know a lot about hair).

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I have been battling hair loss for the past 10 years. I am a 32 year old african american female. I was first diagnosed with Keloid Folliculitis in 1999. I have received continuous treatment from various dermatologists and specialists. The folliculitis issue appeared to have cleared up by 2002 with no reoccurrences. My hair loss began in 2000. I have had a series of blood tests and a scalp biopsy. The biopsy showed my scalp had scarring. The blood work showed that I had high levels of testosterone, low performing follicle hormone, and low iron. (this occurred 3yrs ago.) Since then, I am taking 65mg of iron 2x each day and on birth control. I am also insulin resistant and taking metformin. I have tried various over-the-counter solutions for hair growth, but I am still losing hair.

Bosely will not grant me hair restoration; Duke’s Hair Clinic has temporarily closed. Currently, my primary care physician is injecting cortisone shots to see if this will trigger any hair growth. I am bald on both sides of my hair, and thin on the top and back. Wigs are my only savior at this point. My hair is natural. Please help me with my next step. I am tired of finding hair everywhere but on my head. Thanks!!!

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I have never seen a person with keloid folliculitis and have no experience with it. Regardless, your situation is clearly complex and giving you any opinion without at least an examination would not be in your best interest. There are some doctors who specialize in such conditions and do hair transplants. Since you’re near Duke University, I’d be happy to recommend Dr. Jerry Cooley in Charlotte.

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I’m a african american female 27yrs old that is having terrible time with my hair & scalp for about the past 2yrs i have been developing bumps on my scalp mostly in the back the bumps come & get extremely sore &can be popped & filled with puss & then it get very itchy & pain alot.Have you heard of these symptoms before cuz am dying need.thanks in advance.

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You need to see a good dermatologist. You may have a variety of conditions that are dangerous and will cause you to eventually lose hair. The internet is not a place to gamble the future of your hair and your health.

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Hello, I am a 23 year old African American male my hair has thinned drastically over this last past year. In 2007, I had a full head of hair. Later that year, I noticed my hair line slowly recede, but my hair remained full. Currently, my hair is thin and I have a nearly bald spot in the front of my head. Can you please recommend any treatments? Are there specialists I can see? Can this be the result of stress or does it signal some other sort of health issue? Thank you very much for your assistance and have a wonderful day.

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Stress loss isn’t usually limited to the hairline. It sounds like you’ve got genetic male pattern baldness. Treatments include Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride), though they aren’t known to work that well in the hairline. The Propecia could prevent further loss, however. You can try to find a doctor in your area by checking the physician search at… and though the listings are for hair transplant surgeons, I’m not suggesting you should rush into surgery. These doctors are knowledgeable about hair loss in general, so either try them or a dermatologist.

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I have a question about the number of hairs a race typically has. Since Caucasians typically have 100K as opposed to Africans who have 60K, is African hair, strand per stand, literally thicker, or something? Because at least I usually see Africans and notice Caucasians have almost twice as much density on their head.

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Hair thickness has nothing to do with hair density. You find fine, medium, and coarse hair in all races. African hair mats together and gives the illusion of more fullness.

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I’m a 43 year old African American female. I’ve used hair products all my adult life. In addition, I wore weaves from braiding and sewing tracks on my hair to gluing tracks on my hair. To braiding my hair as well. I used extensive heat from flat irons to hair dryers. Everything has come to a halt. The top portion of my hair is bald in the crown area of my head in many large spots. I had a small spot for years smack dead in the middle of my crown area and never thought anything of it. Well a month ago my hairstylist noticed the small spot is no longer there. There are huge spots now that is red and is tender. For years my scalp always felt irritated very strange… Even when I brushed my hair my scalp would hurt. I recently got rid of all the hair products that contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Sodium Laurel Lereth Sulfate. I purchased all natural shampoos and conditioners.

Well I went to see a Dermatologist. He kept saying something about a band…? Dead hair follicles that will not grow back. Well they did the Biopsy and now I wait. He thinks it might be Lupus of the skin…. WHAT !@&^*()(*_( What is that… My first cousin has Lupus (enternal). I’m stumped…. I am wearing wigs because my hair is not long enough to cover the bald spots… What a mess…. Your thoughts Doctor?

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You will know more when the biopsy comes back. If you don’t have Lupus, you have many causes for hair loss all listed in your first paragraph of your email to me. This is a complicated problem that will have to be evaluated with you sitting right in front of me and my obtaining the biopsy from your dermatologist. For more info, look to the Lupus Foundation of America‘s Lupus of the Skin page.

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