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I just got word that the news item about the FOX™ Procedure that aired this past Monday on NBC in Los Angeles is now going to air tonight (April 13) on the 11pm news on NBC 10 in Philadelphia.

For those outside of the Philadelphia area, if you missed the airing in LA, or you just want to see it again — the video is posted on my earlier blog entry, found here.

More information on the FOX Procedure:

Update: Found the article on the NBC 10 website


I just got word that the local NBC affiliate in Los Angeles are going to air a piece about the FOX™ Procedure tonight (April 11) on the Channel 4 News at 11pm. Readers from the LA area should try to watch (or set your TiVo).

Update (April 13, 2005):
Found an article on Los Angeles NBC News

Update (April 12, 2005):
Here’s the video from NBC News in LA.



Can a Hair Transplant be done without a cut in the back of the head? I really do not want to be cut upon!

Block Quote

In an article I wrote in the August Issue of the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery (2002), a new Procedure for hair transplantation was introduced which can be performed without a traditional surgical incision. The healing time is clearly reduced and the risks of surgical scarring are practically eliminated. This type of surgery is particularly useful in patients who have limited donor hair, a small balding area, a tight scalp, or the need to keep the option of wearing their hair closely cropped (crew cut style).

We called the technique the FOX™ technique, (short for FOllicular unit eXtraction). The FOX procedure involves the direct extraction of the follicular units from a patient’s donor area using a small instrument called a trephine. Healing is quick, scarring is virtually nonexistent, and discomfort in the donor area has been practically eliminated. I was quoted by the LA Times to say: “The FOX procedure gives yet another option for those patients who were hesitant or were unable to undergo traditional surgery.”

The article in the August 2002 issue of “Dermatologic Surgery” discusses our research, methodology, and detailed results. This new procedure is currently available at NHI’s offices.

In various surgical specialties, minimally invasive surgery has shortened recovery time and lessened the risk of complications in fields ranging from orthopedic joint surgery to open heart surgery. Now, minimally invasive surgery has arrived to hair transplantation. The technique has become a standard offering in the field, but only a few surgeons have mastered it as the technique takes years to perfect and a lot of practice. Our website has good videos of the procedure and a shaved head after the procedure wounds have healed so you can see what you would look like if you shaved your head.


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