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I have found that many of the rich and famous don’t do their research when it comes to getting a hair transplant as I have had to fix many of them. Donald Trump is a good example of a botched job (scalp reductions and now he is stuck with a terrible scar down the middle of his head with balding around it). This man that you referenced should have had his donor supply quantified and a proper plan built. Maybe he was a bad candidate for a hair transplant but now that he has it, he can do something about it like possibly another transplant to thicken the frontal leading edge and the getting scalp micropigmentation ( for the rest of his head and he might look much better. A repair is never as a job well done as at the start and if he was not a candidate in the first place, now he either learns to live with what he has or find a doctor like me who specializes in repairs.

A billionaire diamond businessman’s hair transplant from tressless



I always talk about the “tug of war” between the drugs, like Finasteride, on one side, and the balding process (which is progressive in all men) on the other side. Sooner or later, the genetic balding will win the war. Working with a good doctor may help you get around the problem. The use of oral Minoxidil is commonly used and can be very effective, but you need a doctor to monitor it.

Propecia for 2.5 years, no shedding/sides. Hair still thinning away… do I have any options left? from tressless


I’ve taken steps to combat hair loss that I’ve been experiencing since about 20. I’m 23 currently, and about 2 months in the big 3 + DermarollingRecently, I’ve been experiencing shedding of very thin and small hairs. Is this a positive sign that they are going to be replaced by thicker hairs? Lastly, is there any signs of regrowth on my hair pics above? I’d like to say I see small progress for 2 months, but it could be hair length factors/lighting.

You have to wait a full year to see 80% of the value of the drug Finasteride. Sometimes, shedding is reported for the first two months as in your case. I don’t think that the Dermaroller adds value. You could add topical Minoxidil nightly to accelerate the effect. At your age, this combination of medications should work.


I have a question about Finasteride tapering (I seem to remember something about this on your website, but can’t access the link now). Basically, is there any recommended dosage regime to slowly taper yourself onto the usual 1mg/day dose? i.e. working your way up from 0.5mg once a week, then up to 0.5mg EOD, then 1mg EOD, then 1mg daily, over a period of a couple of months?  Or could this kind of slow tapering actually be harmful?
If you are having side effects from this drug, you can just stop it. Tapering it will not alter the “catch-up” hair loss that many people who stop the drug experience. Catch-up hair loss reflects a loss of all of the hair that did not fall out or was gained from the drug, and the person who stops the Finasteride will see this effect within 3 months.


There is an association with taking Finasteride and your lipid and cholesterol profile, as shown in the following article: Thank you for your contribution and reference.

Effect of finasteride on lipid profile – increased triglycerides and decreased HDL cholesterol after 3 & 6 months of therapy from tressless


Sun exposure directly on the grafts after any hair transplant is never a good idea. UV light negatively impacts healing and can burn the skin edge of the grafts. People often forget that these grafts, which are taken from the back of the head, have never been exposed to the sun for your entire life. You should wear a hat, and even after it has healed, you should use UV protection.


I often prescribe Finasteride to patients at your age. Bone growth is complete at this age, so I would not worry about it.

Will i finish my devlopment if i stop finasteride? from tressless


Well, my dermatologist just looked at my hair and said I have androgenic alopecia. The thing which is troubling me is that she didn’t take any tests. And again, I don’t have a family history of hair loss. So I don’t know why I’m suffering from mbp.

See another doctor who specializes in hair loss. You can find them on the website. I would look to find a local doctor from that site. You need a real examination and don’t need to live in fear.


Patient reports:  I believe that I was a victim of hair loss in the few months that I was given Oxycodone/Norco medication for my back pain.  My hair has not grown back.

It is not generally believed that these two medications can cause hair loss; nevertheless, with your comments as well as a few similar comments on a recent Google search (I suspect like all medications), hair loss is always a risk, even if it is a small risk.


Toppik works well after a hair transplant while it is growing in. It should never be used while the crusts are still on the recipient site, which usually takes 1-3 weeks to be washed off, depending how aggressively you wash your hair.

Using Toppik 3 months after my Hair Transplant? from tressless



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