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Doesn’t sound like post finasteride syndrome. You lucked out as you seem to be capable of getting erections.

How bad am I? Am I suffering from Post Finasteride Syndrome? from tressless


Over and over again, patients are getting a see-through donor area from over-aggressive donor FUE harvesting. There is a limit on how many FUE grafts can be harvested, and your doctor has an obligation to tell this to you.

depleted donor area 51


You will not know if the hair will grow back until the hair cycle time has passed, which usually will take between 4-7 months from the onset of the infection. If it does not grow back, then another hair transplant into this area should grow.

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Yes, there is a difference in what you see. Both thinning and shedding of hair are manifestations of hair loss. Sometimes one will shed hair, sometimes one does not shed and just recedes in the hairline, sometimes, you see thinning from shedding. All of these are ways to pick up that you have a hair loss problem which should be evaluated by a good doctor.

Balding Via Sheeding Vs Via Hair Thinning? Is There A Difference? from tressless


I have heard and read much about such problems over various hair forums. However, I have never had any patient complain about this to me, nor do I see this reported in the Finasteride literature.


There is no reason to switch from Finasteride to Dutasteride in your situation. Remember, Dutasteride is not FDA cleared, and may cause sterility.


There are treatments today that can freeze your hair loss and possibly reverse it. If you just standby, the loss you get while you are waiting for a cure, may be irreversible.

How many of you are in that stage where your hair loss isn’t noticeable to others yet and you’re holding off for a better treatment? from tressless


See this link: Phase two clinical trials for drugs are kept a secret so we will not know the results of this until this drug completes its cycle.

Setipiprant Phase 2 Trial results? from tressless


This is a great read:

new yorker mag


Usually, the grafts can’t be moved at 6 days. I know because I tried to do it, and they come apart as they are pulled out. Now you should wait until the hair has grown, and fix what you don’t like after the hair has grown in.


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