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I have examined many of my patients over decades who have had miniaturized hair, went on finaseride and then reversed the miniaturization.


Guillermo started his FUE in 1998 and followed his hair loss with us since then. As he got older, he did lose the central forelock which shows prominently in the before photos that he is holding.  As you can see, his FUE is nothing short of normal looking. We published the first article in the world on FUE in 2002 based upon 6 years of clinical research and the rest is history. Every hair surgeon in the world, having read the article, started performing FUE. It took years for most hair surgeons to perfect the technology.  See original article here:

Guillermo ad


You have classic traction alopecia which resulted from the braids you had when you were a child. These pulled out your hair and only a hair transplant can fix this problem. A secondary diagnosis could be triangular alopecia, an inherited hair loss pattern in the location where you have lost your hair.  A hair transplant is also the only solution for this.

traction alopecia 2


These are the remnants of the scabs (crusts) that you did not wash off. They are now filling up with water and are elevated and should easily wash off with a good shampoo and gentle rubbing with your finger tips.  I never see this problem in our patients because we wash off the crusts the day and the day after the surgery so that they never form.

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Yes, some people can recede without balding. That means that their frontal hairline may work its way back to blatant frontal balding without loss of hair elsewhere; however, sooner or later, many men will develop balding elsewhere on their scalp. If it bothers you a great deal, then a hair transplant (an FUE) can solve the problem.

Is it possible to bald without shedding? from tressless


He violated this patient’s rights by using this ad to promote his hair transplant services.  This is a misrepresentation by the doctor defining a standard of care that is our standard of care, NOT HIS standard of care.  In the State of California, a doctor can (by law) lose his license to practice medicine with such fraudulent representations. I omitted the doctor’s name at the bottom of the ad as I will deal with him through my attorney.

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Hair loss in women like you, if you don’t have a curable situation, can be very effectively treated with Scalp Micropigmentation which makes the hair look great, see here:

Balding at 25!? Minoxidil/Alopecia & Acne Diary from tressless


I have read that body tattoos when performed in volume, placed deep in the dermis, can migrate and develop embolisms to the brain and other organs, in this case the eye.  I have discussed some of this in my article:  Most of the inks used by the tattoo industry have insolvable material, heavy metals and these particles can be moved into the lymphatics of the skin where they get transported to the venous system, into the heart and then pumped almost anywhere blood goes. I don’t believe this is a significant problem for SMP; however it is a real risk for those in the population who have extensive tattooing.  The more the tattoos, the greater the risks.
We use only organic pigments that are placed at the very upper part of the dermis as shown in my recent post on baldingblog: I don’t believe that any of the complications that are reported by me and others. I believe what we use is relatively safe be cause of our use of the organic pigments in the superficial dermis with Scalpmicroigmentation.


I am a 20 year old male who is worried about some hair loss at the neckline / nape of the neck region. I currently do not have any signs of balding on the crown or the hairline, but for some reason, every time I pull on the sides of the neck hairline, one or two tapered hairs fall out. My question is whether or not androgenic alopecia can affect that region or if that region is determined by other genetic factors? 

In some individuals, the neck hair is genetically programmed to fall out early. Rarely have I seen this in a 20 year old, but not uncommon in a man over 35. A few hairs may not mean that you are losing neck hair but just normally cycling hairs


Your wife or girlfriend should be aware of this new risk. It is real!


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