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They laughed at my hair when I sat down, but moments later… from tressless


No, finasteride, although it might slightly increase the amount of testosterone in your body, will not impact or cause acne.


I’ve been on the fin and min stack for a little over a year now, and i’ve had great results with minimal sides.

I just recently got into styling my hair. I’ve been using pomade daily, and i’m concerned about the amount of hair i’ve been seeing on my hands and comb/brush when styling.

I’m wondering if this is indeed increased shedding from the styling product, or if i’m just catching “sticky clumps” of hair from the pomade.

 No. The hair above the scalp is dead so styling products can change the character of the hair, damage it when it is heated with an iron, or damaged with dye, but the hair follicle which is below the skin keeps pumping out new hair at a rate of 1/2 inch per month that is not damaged


I have performed a HAIRCHECK test on this now 24 year old male with a receding hairline last year and then again today. His hair has shown stability and very little loss as the drug finasteride seems to be helping him to hold on to his hair.  I told him to return in a year for another HAIRCHECK test and if his corner frontal recession bothers him, a hair transplants is a viable option.

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CONCLUSION AND RELEVANCE: Risk of PED was higher in men with longer exposure to 5?-RIs. Among young men, longer exposure to finasteride posed a greater risk of PED than all other assessed risk factors.

Comment: I have prescribed finasteride since it was first introduced. I have never had a patient with this condition reporting to me that their sexual side effects did not go away. I am having trouble reconciling this data from my own experience in private practice with well over 20,000 patients prescribed finasteride by me and the doctors working for me over two decades.


I’ve been taking fin for over a decade and while it slowed my hair loss it’s now at the point where im no longer happy with what i have, especially in the crown area. I was side effect free for the most part early on but over time and distinctly this last year the mental fog became noticeable and my libido has also taken a pretty big hit to the point of being a problem. It’s time to throw in the towel and buzz/shave. So for those who have quit themselves or looked into it, is there an ideal way to come off the drug? Is cold turkey fine or should i space out doses to every other day to every third etc? I use proscar split into 4ths but have been off for about 10 days due to prescription running out, i am getting some aches in the junk as a result.

If you stop the finasteride now after 10 years, you will not only lose all of the gain you had over 10 years, but all of the hair you would have lost in that same time period. Maybe your libido is lower because you are aging, not from the finasteride. Stopping it for 3 weeks, might give you that answer.


I have done hair transplants on many of the rich and famous. Almost everyone of them have told me that it improved their self confidence, their ability to be themselves. Hair is maybe the single most important feature of a man. Think of a ‘maneless lion’ he might look like a lioness. I remember early in my career when I did a hairline on a Soap Opera 20 year old who was desired by the married women on the show, when he started to lose his hairline, the producers told him they were going to terminate his role. Then he came to me, got his hair back and they continued him on the show at about $1million/year.  He told me that his image was everything to his career. It is also important to note that since Eisenhower, there has never been a balding present of the United States (except for Donald Trump who hides it poorly and is very sensitive about it). That is because the American Voter believes that balding men are not as trustworthy as hairy men (ref: Men Fittness). I wrote about this before, see here:


No, finasteride does not produce miniaturized hairs. It may cause new hair to grow or make miniaturized hairs thicker


I have been off of fin for about 7 days and I’m scared of PFS. I have been taking Propecia for 9 months. How common is this that guys can get permanent side effects?

Do you now have sexual side effects? If you have made the decision to stop the finasteride, then it is highly unlikely (statistically) that you will get PFS. Your sex drive should come back after a month or possibly two. Don’t talk yourself into a problem as the placebo effect is real


I see you mention Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) being a solution for patients with Alopecia Areata, but doesn’t the trauma from the head tattooing spur an auto immune reaction? I have a diffuse pattern and would love to make a contrast between black hair and white skin.  I have AA on my face (barbae) that resolves itself, however I’ve been told a hair relocation surgery would not work because it could make these conditions very angry, although I’ve never had it on my scalp.  Wouldn’t the permanent hair resolve with treatment even if transplanted since mild AA doesn’t actually “kill” the hair?

We have performed Scalp Micropigmentation on many patients with Alopecia Areata. Also we have perform  Scalpmicro Pigmentation on Alopecia Totalis. There has have been a problem in our hands activating the primary disease or aggravating the Alopcia Areata.  The pigments only go to a depth of about 0.6mm below the skin, while the hair follicles go down between 5-7 mm below the skin, much deeper than the SMP pigments go (see below).

histology of SMP


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