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You might have to wait out a full hair cycle before seeing improvement. Hair cycles in women run between 2-5 years. The older you are, the shorter the cycle. You are in between the cycles of an older and younger woman.


Blondes can lose 80% of their hair without detecting it readily. The best way to determine how much hair you are actually losing is to get a HAIRCHECK test and then you will know exactly where you stand. You may be losing more hair than you are seeing. For finasteride, only 2-4% of people get sexual side effects, so starting at the regular dose is okay. If you only take half the dose, it will be 80% as effective with some people reporting less sexual side effects.


If you are under 25 then the doctor you found who is willing to do a hair transplant on you, is not moral or reputable, just a guy who wants your money and doesn’t care about you.. No competent doctor will do a hair transplant on someone under the age of 25.

FUT Questions from tressless



This area has a compromised vascular area that appears to be scarring at this time. When the scar heals, another hair transplant into this area will almost certainly grow hair.

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Through an FUE surgery, a total of 5600 grafts will over-harvest 99% of the adult male population’s donor density of all but 1% of the general population. The average male’s donor density will not support that number of FUE grafts. The second procedure is better off being a strip procedure to avoid a see-through donor area.


Good mouse research. May not apply to humans as many mouse studies have found.

New study suggests hair regrowth on wounded and bald skin may be possible from tressless


My crown is showing no progress. Does this drug work on the crown?

Minoxidil was tested on the crown through the FDA studies and that is the area that the claims were allowed, so the answer is yes. People are the variable with this drug’s response from good to poor.


Dr. William Davis wrote this book and believes that probiotics will help you in many ways, including hair loss. One caution that he discusses is probiotics will increase testosterone. I know from years of experience that increasing testosterone will increase hair loss and not the other way. Many people who write about diet, don’t focus on the nuances of hair loss and connections like impact on testosterone levels.  Just a thought!

Make your own L. reuteri yogurt

I’m 20 years old and have been receding at my temples for the past year or two, and I’m not happy about it. There are no signs of it stopping. I think it is now passing the point of a “mature hairline”.

I’m very conflicted on whether or not to try finasteride because of my age and concerns about hormones and affecting things like facial hair development, sexual function, and god knows what else that DHT does. I only just turned 20. I think it’s early enough to catch and stop with fin, though.

I thought I’d do a post both here and in r/bald to get the “steel man” arguments from both perspectives. What are your best arguments/evidence for why finasteride is nothing to worry about? Feel free to go all out.

Thanks guys. Just trying to figure out the best option.

Dr. Rassman’s Comments: The risks of taking finasteride are low. There are many posts that discuss the sexual side effects that impact 2-4% of patients that take finasteride and for those patients, the problem is real, but for the other 96-98% of people who take it, they don’t have these side effects. On many of these Reddit posts, I see some wonderful results reported by this readership after using finasteride for a year and we have seen a significant number of young men reverse the balding. This reversal is probably temporary but getting your hair back or stopping the loss when you are young enough to enjoy your hair is priceless and probably worth taking the ‘plunge’.


Hair transplant from tressless

As a hair transplant surgeon, I feel compelled to respond. If you do your research (Yelp, Realself) and demand to meet one-on-one with the doctor’s patients, the hit and miss issue disappears. We have held what we call Open House Events every month and have been doing this for 27 years. At these events, former patients come to help prospective patients understand the process and see their results. Talking and meeting with former patients have no substitute for building confidence in your choice of surgeon. At these events, we also have live surgeries for prospective patients to view and speak with the patients undergoing the surgery. Many times men bring their wives and girlfriends to these events making it even more beneficial. I realize that many of the readers of Reddit are not in Southern California to visit us during one of these open house events, but there are substitutes with good phone consultations and calling references, which are made available for newcomers.


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