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Nizoral is an anti-fungal shampoo that treats dandruff reasonably effectively. It does not, contrary to what many people seem to believe, address the genetics of male pattern balding.


So my temple receded from NW 1 to NW 2.5 at age 16 and it happened super fast. However, there does seem to be hair there. When I sweat on my scalp, my baby hairs form a sort of sweat line where my original hairline once was. The hairs are also pretty thick but haven’t grown. It’s been a few years now. Is this common with mpb?

These baby hairs are actually miniaturized hairs which will eventually fall out. The observation that you made that they don’t grow is what happens to hairs when they become miniaturized. Without seeing your hairline with your eyebrows lifted high, I can’t tell if this is a transition to a mature hairline or not.


There is no direct link between finasteride and heart disease. If you are having chest pain, this is a series complaint that must be managed by your doctor.

I’m Experiencing Chest Pain On Finasteride from tressless


I’m 23 and I started losing hair since 18 but not in an aggressive way. I am still an NW 2/3. Recently, I’ve started TRT because my Testosterone results came back a bit low. For the past two months. I have been thinking about hopping on the big 3 minox/fin/niz since I still have a good amount of hair, but I am really hesitant to start Finasteride because of the horror stories I have read and heard about the side effects.

So, what do you think?

 Men who take testosterone and have the genes for hair loss lose hair regardless of taking Finasteride. Additionally, young men should not take testosterone.


Hairlines like yours is easily fixed even with limited donor hair remaining. I have repaired and balanced hairlines like yours in people with depleted donor areas because it often does not require a great deal of hair. Sometimes, hair can be obtained from behind the hairline (mid-scalp) as a donor source. ?


No, there is no such evidence so far.


This sounds like a maturing hairline. While it is maturing, it is not unusual for one side to move up slightly ahead of the other side.  It could also be an early recession, but at this stage, I would not worry about it. Just keep an eye on it. If you are really worried, see a doctor with a HAIRCHECK instrument to find out if there is any balding that you can’t visually see. (See here:


At day one, you run a risk with the use of hydrogen peroxide to clean the recipient area as it may get under the grafts and kill them. I recommend not using anything but soap and water.


The best thing you can do is see a doctor. It would help to see a picture of where your father’s balding pattern ended up.  You are clearly thinning and the drug Finasteride can work miracles on 21 year-old men with your hair loss. Do not undergo a hair transplant under any circumstance as unethical doctors will offer you hair transplants to make a buck.

See here:

thinning 21 yeaar old male


A rare side effect of finasteride is “brain fog” meaning that some people claim that they don’t think clearly. To my knowledge, this has never been reported as a permanent side effect.


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