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Why would Elton John and William Shatner wear toupees when hair restoration is easily available?

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Elton JohnSurgery is a personal decision, so I can’t speak for everyone… but I can make an educated guess. Hair restoration or hair transplant surgery is in essence about moving your existing hairs around. If you don’t have lots to move around you cannot cover a huge area of balding or achieve the look of a 16 year old fullness.

Moreover, many older celebrities with their financial success have had a hair transplant surgery 10, 20, 30 years ago when hair transplant surgery results were not the best. So with their fortune they depleted their donor hair supply and do not have enough donor to fix the problem. As a result, their only option is a wig and or toupee.

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I saw the below advertisement on BoingBoing, and it apparently ran in a UK newspaper in the early 70s.

Would you rent some hair?

Hair rental ad 1973
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Hi Dr. Rassman,
Thanks for writing such an informative and entertaining blog. Keep up the great work. I have some questions:

(1) Everyday the grafts fall out from the head with the follicle on one end, is it possible to collect these grafts and preserve them in a certain condition for future surgeries? If possible, how? And for how long can they live?

(2)If I use tapes to attach a toupee 5 hours every month, will it hurt the scalp which will house the grafts of future transplants?


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The hairs that naturally fall out of your scalp are those that have gone through the normal cycling of hair (telogen, catagen, and anagen) and there is nothing on them that is ‘alive’. We all cycle our hair and when the hair falls out, its root goes into a resting stage and then re-grows a new hair 2-6 months later. Since the hairs that fall out are not alive, there is no chance that it will ever grow again, as dead is dead.

The tapes used on the scalp for attaching wigs can still cause traction alopecia (hair loss where the tapes are attached), even if the adhesive is kept on for long periods of time. Traction alopecia occurs in these areas, as I have seen in my exposure to such patients. The tape should not harm the skin or prevent future transplants into the area.

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Can i use the real hair to do the knotting as cyber hair? Is there a safe hair extension method in the market?

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I am not an expert in hair extensions, so I cannot comment if one is safer or better than the other. In general, if there is a constant pulling on your native hair (which you will feel), it may cause traction alopecia over a period of time. The extensions that are fixed in place have more traction alopecia than those that you place and move around by yourself.

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I had the idea of combining SMP with the occasional use of hairpieces to basically give me the hair style options of any non balding man (at a much higher price of course.) This way, each would get rid of suspicion of the other; being able to grow hair and being able to shave it. My question is, would the glue used to bond the hairpiece to the head ever damage the SMP? I’d never excessively use hair pieces- just now and then for special occasions.

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Wearing a hair piece or hair system will not damage the Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) pigment. If the glue does not damage your skin it should not damage the micropigment under your skin.

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Snippet from the article:

Famously bald Seinfeld star Jason Alexander, 52, showed up to the 27th Annual C.S.A. Artios Awards in Beverly Hills Monday with a full head of hair.

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Source: Balding Jason Alexander Debuts Full Head of Hair

Jason AlexanderActor Jason Alexander (George Costanza from Seinfeld) recently acknowledged that it was a hair piece he wore to this event. We see that the result looks good and some might even say he looks younger.

One has to wonder if he considered going the permanent route with a hair transplant… or whether he would even be a good candidate for one. It’s possible that he could get good results if his hair thickness was not fine, if his hair density was at least average, and if he would be committed to following through to the completion of the process.

There’s a tremendous amount of upkeep involved with hair pieces, and since he’s well known for his bald appearance, perhaps he wanted to just go for temporary shock value by appearing with a full head of hair.

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What is hair bonding? Can it give a natural look?

Any treatment available to people over 60 years of age, with long standing baldness?

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You may be taking this term out of context. Glues that are used to attach hair systems (wigs) are said to be bonded to the scalp. These can cause damage to weak hair, leading to further loss. They may look natural, but they also could take a lot of work and money to maintain that natural appearance.

Hair loss treatments that I recommend include transplantation and medication. Your options depend on a variety of factors, but since I have no info about you (aside from age) I couldn’t begin to list what those options might be. But yes, generally there are treatments available even at 60 years old.

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Snippet from the article:

Sy Sperling is more than just the founder and former president of Hair Club, the hair-loss treatment company celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. “I’m also a client,” he says, just as he did decades ago on camera for TV commercials that made the business a household name. Today, Mr. Sperling holds another title— retiree, as he sold the brand he built from the ground up in 2000 to a private-equity firm for $45 million, which sold it in 2005 to publicly traded Regis Corp. for $210 million. But the 70-year-old will be making an appearance this fall—sporting a chestnut brown coif—at Hair Club’s New York City birthplace for an event commemorating the company’s anniversary.

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Read the rest — Hair Club: A Lifeline For the Balding Man

I remember a time where you couldn’t go one day without seeing Sy Sperling on television. The link above contains an interview with Sy where he reveals how he got into the business of selling hair systems, why he’s no longer with the company he founded, and how a professional baseball player helped get the whole business off the ground.

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Why would someone that already has his hair loss documented suddenly step out in public with a new head of “hair”? I know all of us that are losing hair show some level of vanity (which is why we want our hair back!!!!) but John Travolta is in the public eye. Who is he kidding?

Check it out :

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TravoltaEveryone is entitled to their opinions, just as everyone is entitled to look any way they want. I don’t think by John Travolta wearing a hairpiece that he’s trying to fool anyone. Perhaps it’s just a personal choice of style and taste. I would bet that he frequently does not wear the hairpiece, as he looks so relaxed without it.

Like so many actors, various movie roles may call for different looks… so maybe he’s wearing this new piece for a role? I haven’t spoken to him about his hair, so I’m not going to speculate on why he went from receding to a straight hairline while out in public.

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About 2 years ago I began to thin around the front of my head and being a female this freaked me out. I tried some rogaine, but I lost a lot more hair in the front and stopped when I noticed my hairline got weird. During the last 1.5 years it has gotten even worse and now I am see thru thin on the top and I have 2 or 3 bald spots.

I went today for a “hair restoration” consultation and it was a complete waste of time. They wanted to give me hair plugs. I am 35 years old and I think what prompted my hair loss was a bad set of braided in hair extensions. Is there anything I can do or take – like steroid shots to the scalp to get this hair to grow? I get married next April and I dont want to be the bald bride. No one in my family is or was bald – maybe thin, but please – any advice?

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If you had hair extensions and developed traction alopecia from the tight constant pulling, nothing short of a hair transplant will fix it. Most women do not go completely bald unless that have specific conditions like alopecia totalis.

Rogaine can cause hair loss when you first start using it, but it is not a permanent type of balding. Alopecia areata can also lead to balding. All of these opinions point to the need to get a consultation by a good doctor who will care about you. Your primary care doctor should first clear you from any medical issues relating to your hair loss.

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