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Chiu YiA man who tore the wig off a telegenic Taiwan legislator last year was sentenced to five months in jail for depriving the MP of his freedom to look good, a court spokesman said Tuesday.

The Taipei District Court sentenced Huang Yung-tien, 50, to jail for snatching the toupee off the head of ruling Nationalist Party lawmaker Chiu Yi. Chiu has become a household name for his media-friendly offensives against the political opposition.

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Read the rest — Man toupee for revealing bald truth

The freedom to look good! I love that. I guess this actually happened in December of last year, but the article is about the man’s jail sentence. Seems a little harsh, but I’m no judge in Taiwan. The photo I included above is of the wigged man in question.

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Hi there,

My question is, have you heard of ‘Hair Science International’? I went to see them last week here in Melbourne Australia and they say they can take a sample of my hair from the back and multiply up to 70,000 hairs in a lab and transplant however much I need back into my head and it will stay for ever. I’ve seen some of the results and in terms of coverage it’s great. But I don’t know how well this technology works in recreating the natural hairline and what kind of survival rate it averages.

Should I avoid them or is it worth investigating them more? Any advice would be much appreciated.


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If this company told you they could take a hair from the back of your head and multiply it to 70,000 hairs, then transplant it as needed (and their site says without surgery?)… then they’re either from the future or someone was giving you a line of bull.

My guess based on the photos on their site is that they sell fancy wigs and laser treatments. That’s the only way I could explain how they can call this “hair multiplication” but then in the same sentence say that it is non-surgical. Even then, they’re using “hair multiplication” in a completely misleading way. The technology doesn’t exist in the way you described. So either you misunderstood what they told you or they’re misrepresenting themselves. It’s not cloning or multiplication.

Post updated Jan 5, 2011:
I would be happy to read and review evidence that supports any claims about growing 70,000 hairs in a lab for transplantation back into the scalp, but until that time I’ve closed the ability to comment on this post due to complaints.

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Can you tell me some of the pro’s and con’s of hairpieces and weaves?

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I’m sorry if this sounds like a cop-out, but I wrote a couple of chapters about this very topic in my new book, Hair Loss and Replacement for Dummies, and really can’t rewrite those chapters here. If you come and visit me, I will give you a copy of the book as I do all visitors to my office… or you can order it online.

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Doctor Rassman
I’m 20 years old and afraid I’m losing my hair, probably a mature hairline but I still fear the worst. I’m in a successful rock band and was wondering what my option are if i start to bald because i can’t just shave my head. I know i can use propecia but that would only last for so long right? Would a wig or weave stay on with all the constant head movement associated with playing rock concerts?

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Rock!Genetic hair loss is due to genetics (as the name implies)… meaning, if you are going to lose hair you will lose hair and there is nothing you can do to stop it 100%. Drugs such as Propecia or Rogaine can slow it down or sometimes reverse some hair loss, but over the course of your life you will continue to lose hair (if you have the genes for genetic hair loss). Propecia is the best solution for a young man like yourself, if there is early hair loss going on. I would start by seeing a good physician who can diagnose you with genetic hair loss (also know as androgenic alopecia / male pattern baldness). There is no need to start any medication if you are not balding.

Wigs and weaves can stay on if fitted and attached properly, which many performers wear without it falling off while they “rock and roll” all night.

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I’ve had some hairline loss/breakage from wearing a Lace Weave. I would like to help it grow back if possible. I don’t know if it was pulled out at the root. I’ve read that Minoxidil doesn’t help the hairline and if you stop using it the hair will fall back out. Is there anything that I can use to help? Thank you.

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The lace weave will produce traction alopecia, so if the hair does not grow back on its own, then it is probably permanently lost and even minoxidil won’t substantially help (you can try it anyway and I hope I am wrong). Hair transplantation is the only reliable solution available for you.

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Snippet from the article:

Kim Walton has been sewing and gluing in hair weaves for more than 30 years.

“I never heard of weaves saving anybody’s life,” Walton said. “Never in my life.”

But that is exactly what Briana Bonds said happened. Bonds said she feels lucky to be alive and she has her hair weave to thank for it.

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Read the full article at WOAI.

Talk about a one in a million! I guess running the risk of traction alopecia isn’t so bad if the alternative is getting shot in the head…

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Hello Dr. Rassman. I wanted to thank you for having this blog and answering questions.

Sorry this is long, but…I’m a 27 year old guy who’s been receeding for 6-7 years, it quickly became a Norwood 5 and stayed there. What’s worse is I have a preppy, young looking face and overall appearance (which I enjoy and would like to keep), so the baldness clashes even more. I currently wear a fairly good hairpiece, but want to find a relatively permanent and hassle free solution, which brings me to my main question.

Have you heard anything about the non-surgical hair replacements like Folligraft and Sensigraft? I haven’t been able to find much information online either way (I always look for other places not on their website, so I know it’s not a marketing scam). My main concern is if it “breathes” to where you can sweat without being uncomfortable or itching (that’s a slight drawback of the hairpiece). The other would be the approximate cost, since I can’t afford a good HT. I obviously don’t want to blow a couple thousand dollars I barely have on something that may not even completely work, but I’d like to be able to have something more versatile (i.e. different hairstyles or able to be more comfortably active).

If I want to have the friendly youthful look, would you recommend staying with the ‘piece and save up for a good HT, or for hair cloning if it (hopefully) becomes available in the future? Or are the cosmetic treatments an idea worth looking into?

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There is a fair amount of material on these websites — and Both appear to be like a membrane that is glued to the scalp. The scalp must be shaved to apply the Folligraft membrane and the manufacturer claims that it is porous so that the membrane may cut down on the sweating. As the hair grows, it almost certainly will impact the security of the membrane. It sounds like it requires a great deal of maintenance, probably driving up the costs, but clearly you can check them out at their websites and go from there.

If anyone uses either of these, I welcome your comments… but I don’t have any personal experience with them.

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There is a Dr. JoAnne Cornwell who has claimed that she has developed a form of locking hair called brotherlocks and sisterlocks. She claims that they do not put any form of tension on the scalp meaning no traction alopecia. I was hoping you could look into this potential scam before it fools too many.

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This is a styling option, not a medical or surgical option. I looked at the product’s website, but I am not sure what Sisterlocks is (aside from some kind of hair extension for African hair types) or how it attaches to the hair or scalp. It seems like it’s just a technique rather than a product, but I’ve spent 15 minutes going through this site and I’m still coming up empty. Anyone else have an idea?

Sorry, but I can not help you understand it any better.

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The Los Angeles Times posted a resource list of head coverings (hats, turbans and wigs) for patients that have gone through hair loss from life-saving treatments that I wanted to point you to. Also in the list is contact info for the American Cancer Society and information about a book that teaches you how to use makeup to alleviate some of the self-esteem issues chemotherapy patients may face:

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I have tried Finasteride, minoxidil and various lotions and shampoos without much success. My question is if I wear a toupee 5 days a week, using only clips to the SIDE area’s of my head, will it cause much damage?

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Clips can cause traction alopecia. When you use them, it is always best to move them around to different attachment points, like spreading around the pull to other areas sharing the damage. With less than full time use, the damage may be less, but it still may occur. I have transplanted many patients into the bald spots created by the clips.

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