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I’m currently 9 months into my hair transplant, I’m certain the left side is thicker than the right side!

Is this normal?

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It may depend on what your doctor did during the surgery. I would follow up with your surgeon.

If the growth is equal in numbers of hairs, you probably will see the two sides equalize over the next month or two. It’s important to note that once hair starts growing, it grows at about 1/2 inch per month.

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What is your recommendation for using laser immediately post hair transplant surgery; either hair brush or professional low laser systems?

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I don’t have a recommendation for you. Some doctors or medical clinics promote low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to increase hair growth, but we believe that it does not work. We haven’t seen the results to back up the claims. It’s one way for generating revenue for doctors with the power of the MD behind it.

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When I was little I had an operation which resulted in a huge scar on my head. I cover it with my hair and am forced to keep it long enough to conceal it. Unfortunately for me I have hair loss in my family. Im 22 now with no signs of hair loss. I am scared to death that I will have my scar showing for everyone to see. Any suggestions?

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Without knowing more details about your scalp scar (where it is on the head, how wide it is, how long it is, etc), it’s tough to offer any suggestions. If you have no hair loss at this point, that’s a good thing. Cross your fingers that you don’t have genetic male pattern baldness down the line, as it can skip generations. If you start noticing signs of hair loss, then you should see a doctor to get a treatment plan together. Until that happens, there’s no preventive treatment to use.

As for the possibility that your scar could show in the future, you could see a hair transplant doctor for options on how to disguise it (if it becomes noticeable).

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i am a 17 year old female and my hair is thinning rapidly- to the point where i and others from a certain distance can see bits of my scalp at the top. I was just wondering about the procedure for hair transplants in female, what makes a good female candidate for a hair transplant, and the minimum age for doing so


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A good female hair transplant patient will have:

  1. healthy hair around the back and sides of the head
  2. limited area of thinning or balding (example: frontal hair loss)
  3. medium or heavier hair
  4. good hair densities
  5. good medical health without any diseases that cause hair loss
  6. no medications taken that cause hair loss
  7. tried medical treatments such as minoxidil without results
  8. enough maturity to understand a hair loss Master Plan developed with her doctor for her life’s projected hair loss

Most women have generalized thinning which is not a good condition for a hair transplant. Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) works well for treating thinning (see our SMP gallery).

All females should have an extensive medical work-up for hair thinning, as there are conditions such as thyroid disease that can cause the loss. First you need to be checked out to make sure that you do not have some identifiable cause of the hair loss (e.g. extreme fluctuations in your weight). Once your doctor determines a possible cause for your loss, then a treatment path can be developed to attack any identifiable cause (e.g. thyroid disease). Hair restoration procedures such as hair transplantation or SMP should really be last options, not first ones for a 17 year old female.

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Hi Doc

Love your website please keep up the good work it is very much appreciated. I have been reading your website extensively and understand the difficulties with transplanting body hair ie arms, legs, chest on to the scalp different rate of growth etc. However would it be possible in the following scenario:

I usually have my hair shaved ie blade 0 or 1, thankfully I have one of those heads that look better shaved rather then with hair! I am 33 years old with black hair Norwood class 4 I am loosing may hair slowly but its not apparent yet.

Now with the combination of SMP to give it that shadow look and transplanted hair from chest, arms to give it ‘texture’ as the hair will always be blade 1. In this scenario would it be possible to use body hair combined with SMP?

Thanks Doc

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We have been using FUE grafts for added texture on a person like you who gets Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP). However, we use scalp hair… not body hair. Body hair transplant success rates are variable and the texture is not the same. If you are going for the “stubble” look, scalp hair will give you a better texture.

That said, we’ve found that after having the SMP done to the full head, most people usually realize that having a hair transplant to get the “stubble” texture is not an issue (as they once thought).

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i had a hair transplant about 3 months ago. is it normal to feel a sensation when you had goose bumps especially on your scalp (recipient area)? as if you could feel that the hairs are erected? i didnt feel this prior to my surgery at all. thank you doctor.

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I’m not sure what you may be experiencing. If you have hair in a spot you never had hair prior to surgery, maybe you’re feeling your small nerves recovering from the surgery. Ask your doctor to examine you and give you a better assessment.

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I had a transplant about 10 months ago. I can feel the stubbles since back then but it doesn’t seem to grow. It’s now 10 months later and it’s still the same. I had transplants before and almost very quickly, i would notice the thickening and darkening from the previous procedures.

This last procedure was my fifth and don’t seem to see a good result at 10 months. By this time my the transplanted hair should be maturing, correct? I now have about less than 3000 grafts done. Each procedure done in the past, the doctor could never extract enough donor. Perhaps it’s my donor area. Any thoughts?

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At 10 months following your hair transplant, you should definitely see growth. Unless I am misreading your question, if you had five procedures that totaled under 3000 grafts, that is not today’s standard of care… however, I can not judge what your doctor was doing.

I’m not even sure what kind of surgery you had — strip or FUE. Plus, I don’t know if he was chasing your hair loss, if you were on finasteride, what your scalp laxity was, etc.

Have you talked to your surgeon about why there’s been no growth after 10 months? If you need a second opinion, you can either schedule a visit in my office or see another good doctor if I’m not local to you.

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I am 25 years old and have a receding hair line and am planning to undergo a hair transplant. I think it is class 1 or class 2 baldness currently. If I undergo a hair transplant and get my hairline fixed, is there a chance of thinning of my hair in the crown area while the hairline being intact. If so, what are the alternative procedures to prevent thinning of the crown after getting my hair line fixed with the hair transplant.

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NW1Progressive hair loss is a real problem. I am not in favor of surgery on Norwood class 1 or 2 pattern men in the early or mid-20s. I don’t know enough about your hair loss history to have any idea if you’ll eventually thin in the crown.

You have to be careful not to get into a situation where you’re using your valuable donor hair for a quick hairline fix, when you don’t know how your hair loss may progress down the line. You may need those grafts later to fill out your hair. Hopefully your surgeon will discuss this with you further.

Young men on finasteride (Propecia) can often slow down the hair loss or even stop it. That’s something else you should talk to your doctor about.

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Snippet from the article:

From Wayne Rooney to James Nesbitt, the list of celebrity men who have resorted to hair transplants to revitalise their balding manes is a long one. As a result, inquiries about the treatment have shot up by 260 per cent over the last 12 months while 59 per cent of men say they would consider the treatment if they started losing their hair.

But as Michael Avola, 49, an unemployed former martial arts champion from Northampton knows only too well, the fiddly surgery doesn’t always go to plan. After he began losing his hair – and his confidence – at the age of 23, he turned to surgery in a bid to fix the problem.

‘They promised me there would be a really good result,’ he reveals. ‘They said the scarring would be invisible and that there would be full coverage at the front.’

Instead, after a bungling surgeon botched the operation, Mr Avola was left with a small amount of wiry regrowth and a front section without any hair on it at all. But six operations and £7,000 later, Mr Avola was left badly scarred and still bald.

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Read the rest — Bungling surgeon leaves man scarred and hairless after botching operation SIX times

The article mentions that Dr. Bessam Farjo did a 7th surgery on this man, though it doesn’t say who did the first six botched procedures.

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This patient is clearly not balding, or marginally so. He is in his mid 30’s and he did not like the corner ‘recession’. At worst, he may be a Norwood class 2 or 3. He just wanted a cosmetic improvement to lower his hairline the way it always was before it moved upward. His hair was medium coarse so only 800 grafts were needed and the probability will be that this one session might meet his orbjective because of the medium-coarse hair. The risk of shock loss was discussed and was considered minimum. He is not on Propecia (finasteride). He did not experience any shock loss anytime after the procedure.

The following results photos were taken only 5 days after follicular unit extraction (FUE) surgery of 800 grafts. What you see are small scabs with short hair stubble. These scabs and hairs will fall out within a week from the date of surgery and he will look like he never had surgery by that time. The transplanted hairs will start to grow in the coming months.

The reason I wanted to show these photos is to point out how easy it was for the patient and his recovery. You can barely notice anything in his donor or his recipient areas.

Click the photos to enlarge.

After (just 5 days post-surgery):




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