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I have noticed that men with full heads of hair generally have full temple peaks as well. I mean the “pointy” area of hair truly over the temple. Like a temple widows peak. I have also noticed that balding/bald men seem to have lost these peaks on most occasions. My first question…is there a known correlation between the loss of these peaks and balding? It seems that since they appear to be in the permanent zone they would not fall out, but they certainly do. My second question is….if a man has a full head of hair, but has lost his temple peaks, can you assume he is on his way to balding?

Thank you.

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Hair loss on the side temples (the triangle area) is not particularly related to male pattern baldness, but some men who bald have that issue. I have seen many patients with Class 6 or 7 patterns who still maintain their “pointy” youthful temple peaks and I wrote about it in an article published last year in the Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America.

There is no connection between the disappearance of temple peaks and balding, as they are independently genetically programmed. Ronald Reagan lost a good deal of the temple peaks, but remained with a full head of hair into his 80s.

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ok, here is my situation. i am a 23 year old male. i am black and mexican and have naturally thin hair like my parents. about two years ago i noticed that the left edge of my hairline looked a little thin while looking in the mirror. i never really noticed it before so i began to obsess over it. i spend every day examining my head not really noticing any change some days. then other days i begin to think i’ve lost a lot of hair. i’m not sure what to look for in terms of a receding hairline. my dad is 48 and my grandfather is 76 and they both have normal looking hairlines for their age as well as my grandmothers on both sides of my family including my mother.

i have been obsessing and stressing non stop over this and its beginning to get depressing. i’m losing sleep over this every night because i cant keep my mind off of it. also the part of the hairline that runs downward on the sides of my head have always been at a slant for as long as i can remember. i’m not sure if that’s even normal or not. i’m not sure if i’m just making things up in my head or if my hairline is really receding.

please help me find some answers, please! here are photos of my head.. feel free to post them

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Click the photos to enlarge:


Unfortunately, the pictures do not help me to help you. Even with the short haircut, it appears that you have a normal young man’s hair density, but a good examination for miniaturization (with a hand microscope) will show if there is any early balding.

What you might be noticing is slight hairline maturation, which is completely normal and nothing to stress about. You could do yourself more harm by stressing over possible loss, as stress could cause thinning.

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I’m 14 and have a huge forehead, I’m not sure if my hair line is too far back but I’m really self conscious about it. I get bullied in school and it hurts! What would you suggest to help?

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At 14 years old, you should discuss your issue with your parents. For some people it is normal to have a high forehead (if you indeed have one). There is nothing wrong with this, though I’d suggest perhaps there is something wrong with your peers.

There are hairline lowering surgeries, but that would require your parent’s approval and significant research on your part.

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Hey Dr,

Thank you for the baldingblog! Here are some photos of concern of my hairline and just want to know if it is mature or thinning? You may publish if, you would like. Thank you!

30 yrs old, Male

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The hairline corners do not appear to be too far beyond a mature hairline, but if it bothers you, you can restore the corners with hair transplantation surgery. If it does not bother you, I would wait it out and see how it evolves. Some men will lose hair in the pattern you present, with no further loss. Some will see continued recession or thinning. Not sure which camp you fall into, but if you have your hair bulk analyzed you will be able to get a metric to it… then have it analyzed again in a year to compare the numbers. What is most interesting about your hairline is the location of the ‘center point’ which is touching the highest crease of your furrowed brow. That was where your mid-line hairline was when you were 10 years old, but the sides did move upward to its mature position. As you wait this out, you should see the mid-line location move up as well.

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Enjoy your site very much. I’ve used Rogaine 5% for four months. I’ve had almost total success in the hairline area (almost complete restoration). About 70% return in the crown area. (I’m 44 and was just beginning to thin).

Do follicles develop a tolerance over time? Should I stop for about two weeks every year or so? Will Rogaine work as long as it’s used?


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It’s rare to hear about a near-complete hairline restoration after just four months of using minoxidil, but hey… that’s great to hear about your results! Why don’t you send us your before and after photos? I’ll blur out your face if you’d allow us to publish the results.

As for stopping — why would you want to stop something that gave you great results? Why would you not use the product as it was intended? There’s no evidence that I’m aware of that shows a tolerance built up after using minoxidil (Rogaine) over time.

I will point out that since Rogaine isn’t actually blocking DHT, your hair loss may continue over time as it is a progressive process. That doesn’t mean the Rogaine stopped working, but just that your genetics are continuing to thin your hair.

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Dr. Rassman,

I’m 30 and I know a mature hairline ideally matures around 30 and hairlines can be asymmetrical. My question is can one side of your hairline (top corner not the temples) remain juvenile while the other side is a norwood 3. Have you seen or dealt with cases like this? One side of my hairline is still juvenile while the other has crept up to a norwood 3.


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If you know that hairlines can be asymmetrical, then I think you just answered your question. The issue is whether you’re happy with that hairline or not. If you’re not OK with it, you can have surgery to correct it. Otherwise, you can accept the asymmetrical hairline. Or the other side of your hairline may even itself out over time.

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Dear Dr Rassman,

I know you’re probably sick of hearing questions about this but here goes… I read in one of your more recent posts that ‘a mature hairline is usually about one finger width above your highest forehead wrinkle.’

Doesn’t this seem to contradict earlier measurements which suggest it can rise as high as an inch and a half in the corners? Or in this post are you referring to the center? If the corners receded by only a finger width (which is like half an inch) wouldn’t that be more like a NW 1.5?

The problem I am having with my hairline at the moment is that the sides are moving up (probably by just over an inch) but the center isn’t really moving. This is creating a weird angle. I actually want some of the middle to recede to even it out!

I have seen you describe this as ‘persistent forelock’ — but is a persistent forelock a greater indication of MPB than maturation?

In fact, the part of the center which persists actually seems to be more to the right, and the whole right side of my hairline is still thicker than the left. So maybe this isn’t a persistent central forelock and actually indicates the point remaining which still touches the highest forehead crease should fall out?

Just on a side note it seems as though a lot of males have a juvenile hairline whose central point is actually higher than the corners, kind of like David Schwimmer from Friends. So when their hairlines mature some of the corners recede and their hairline still looks straight. However, my central point was probably a tad lower than the corners (furrowing my brow shows a slight ‘dip’ in the middle’) and I still have hair touching the lowest line in that dip.


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This really is not that complicated. If you think you are losing hair and you want to do something about it, see a doctor. Even if you have a juvenile hairline or a “weird” hairline and you are bothered by it, you can address it with hair transplant surgery. If you can live with it, then leave it alone. If you think it will get worse, then have it examined by a doctor.

There is no point breaking straws and going over a definition of a juvenile hairline or a NW 1.5 versus NW 1.75 versus NW 2, etc. Nobody has a perfectly even hairline.

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Hello, I was just wondering something. If I blow dry or brush all my hair back, my hairline looks very straight, like a juvenile hairline. But as I’m actually in the motion of brushing it back, the brush pushes the corners and temples back, which looks like the hairline is moving back at the corners. Is this normal when you brush your hair back? As I say, when it’s all back and left alone, it looks very straight.

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Well, I would think that is why most people wake up in the morning and use their comb, brush, and any products to style their hair to make it look its best. There are certain haircuts or hair styles that will make you look thinner.

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Hi Doc

Just want to share a success story. I had my hair mapped for miniturisation, it was apparent that i was thinning in the temple region and starting in the crown area. I have been using 5% minoxidil ever since for about a year now and I have experience exceptional regrowth in the temple region(although the regrown hair is shorter than the rest of my hair-2cm long, the rest of my hair is 5cm long in the front). I heard that minoxidil does not grow hair there!

The regrown hair has covered the receding hairline making my hairline appear more full, I now have a mature hairline, could even be a lower than a mature hairline. I have just started propecia 40 days ago to maintain what I got on my head, at the moment i’m very happy!! By the way i’m 20 years old..

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Your results are terrific by your own description; however, at your age the pull of the balding process will be great, so the minoxidil and the Propecia you just started on may not hold the hair there forever (particularly lower than a mature hairline).

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Hey, can stress trigger or quicken the progress of a mature hairline?

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I really don’t know the answer to this question, but I would think that the answer is probably “no”. I believe a apoptosis (cell death) is a genetically triggered event.

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