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My hair is not falling out, it is just straight across with a very prominent widow’s peak like Andy Garcia (the actor) had when he was younger. I hate this hairline and it’s been like that since I was younger. I would like filled in, to make it look better in the front.

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The widow’s peak is desired by many people and generally thought of as a sexy hairline. Many great actors have had them and their appearance has propelled them in show business. Andy Garcia’s widow’s peak is a look that some transplant patients have specifically requested when having their hairline restored.

Your desire to do this depends upon your age because you must be sure that what you do is what you really want. Hair transplants are for life and hair transplants in the very front are absolutely permanent (as they are everywhere).

Men at 18 years old do not know if they may bald as they get older, so you might look very abnormal with these holes filled in as the hair around it goes through genetic balding. If you are 45 years old and without balding, then this may be a reasonable request. If you are under 30 years old, we need to meet and I need to examine you for changes that indicate future balding possibilities ( miniaturization mapping).

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I know my hairline has receded in the last few years, but I’m not sure if I’m showing signs of genetic hairloss or if it is a mature hairline. I’ve been to a dermatologist and a thricologist and neither seemed to take a serious look and just said it didn’t look to bad, but I wasn’t really convinced.

I am a 25 year old male. My dad is bald and probably started balding in his 20’s, my older half brother is bald and my two uncles on my mother’s side are bald. My mother’s father never went bald but had a high hairline, and my dad’s father started balding probably in his 50’s. I’ve realised that I’ve always had a fairly high hairline, and it has always been a bit higher on my right side. I can remember I used to part my fringe a certain way when I used to gel my hair when I was in my mid teens.

In terms of just measurements, my hairline corner (right side) is 1 inch above my wrinkled brow, and 2.5 inches above my eye brow. The middle of my hairline is 1 inch lower than that. The hairs in the corners of my hairline seem finer and less dense I think so I don’t know if that means it’s going to move up higher up.

Thanks again and thanks for the site, it’s very helpful. I wish I could stop by in person but unfortunately I’m on the other side of the Atlantic.

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You sent a lot of photos, but I chose the above three that tend to show the best angles. Thanks for sending them.

It appears that you have a Norwood class 3V balding pattern (not a maturing hairline) and the frontal area appears to be thinning where you have hair. The crown is early in the balding process. The photos aren’t the crispest or in the best light, so it is difficult to really make any specific determination. You need to see a good dermatologist or hair transplant doctor to be evaluated. Medications like Propecia (finasteride) are the only way you may halt the progression of the hair loss.

Since you’re on the other side of the Atlantic, you can visit Dr. Bessam Farjo in London or Manchester. Or if you happen to be planning a trip out to Los Angeles, we’d be happy to see you.

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Dear Dr Rassman

I am a male in my early twenties with extremely fine hair (which tends to get curly/wavier as it gets longer) and so I tend to have to style it aggressively to make it look the way I want (i.e. make it look straighter, imitating coarser hair). This usually involves blowdrying and hairspray, and combing through with a wide-toothed comb, even after it has gone ‘hard’. Sometimes this involves straightening too. I’ve done this for years without worry, though a few years ago I did notice my hairline was moving up a bit (when I was around 19), and in my panic I consulted the internet. I found the concept of ‘mature hairline’ and was reassured. However I’m not sure if this type of aggressive styling could be causing it to develop prematurely or unevenly (since the left side has indeed risen higher than the right – though I know you say this isn’t completely unusual), or lead to some patchy baldness.

On hairspray, it seems as though you advise people with any form of alopecia to avoid rough brushing lest they make hair loss worse: Hair Spray and Hair Loss

Is it otherwise okay for people without alopecia, so long as it is not extremely rough? It seemed okay before I noticed some recession, but now I am concerned about styling practices when I know my hairline is changing. I would hate to inadvertently cause some form of hairline or uneven progression. Will hairs that are pulled out grow back fine so long as the trauma isn’t severe?

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First, you need to be evaluated by an expert in hair. You can try to quantify the degree of thinning by measuring hair bulk throughout your scalp to see if there are components of genetic hair loss present.

Yes, you are right, people can damage their hair from aggressive styling (extreme form is traction alopecia from tight braids), but I don’t know exactly what you are doing in this regard. Generally, I tell people to be gentle with their hair when styling and use only good grade commercial products for grooming.

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Hello, I want to find out the price of SMP only on the front of the head. And could you tell us about your location please? Thanks

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The cost of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) varies, and we generally do NOT perform SMP only to the front of the head (e.g. first inch) because it may not look uniform and blend in with the top. Since SMP is permanent, you would need to see a doctor for a history and examination to plan out a Master Plan for possible future hair loss. We’re located in Los Angeles if you’d like to have a consultation.

What is critically important to us is that our patients understand the impact of the things we do as it fits into their aging process. The fact that you would inquire about SMP to just the frontal hairline is a possible red flag to me that you may not understand the long term consequence of SMP. In other words, what will you do if you lose all your hair on the front or top a few years from now? How will that look? Are you prepared for more SMP or even surgery? Even if you are, I generally do NOT recommend partial or temporary fixes at my practice.

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Hello, I’m 26 years old and was curious if I have a juvenile or mature hairline in my photo. My hairline has been the same since I was 16 or so by looking at past photos and I’ve had no hair loss or recession in other areas. The current length of it is 1/2in.

You have my permission to use for the site.

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Thanks for your permission to post this. Click to enlarge:


This is a great picture because you wrinkled your brow, as I always ask my patients to include in their photo, is touching the highest wrinkle. If you follow the highest crease, that is where your hairline was when you were 7-9 years old. The corners are rising very slightly, but this is still in the Norwood class 1 category and I would consider this a juvenile hairline still.

There is a wide range between when your hairline hugged the highest crease to a fully mature hairline. What is noteworthy about your present hairline is that the mid-line ‘kisses’ the upper crease, which is clearly the same hairline you had in the middle when you were between 7-9 years old.

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Hello Dr,

First I would like to thank you for writing this blog which has been very helpful to me. I was wondering what exactly you are referring to when you mention the “leading edge” of the hairline? Is that the center of the hairline just above the furrowed brow or does it include the whole “edge” of the hairline? Also I was wondering if it is possible that the hair thinning at my temples is just a sign of a developing mature hairline? Thank you!

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If you believe you are losing hair on your temple area, you may have a component of genetic balding. I am not sure that dicing out the semantics of descriptive terms will help in diagnosing a condition. Leading edge just means the frontal edge of your hairline.

Send us pictures and with your eyebrows lifted enough that you crease the forehead and we (as well as the readers) can comments on your hairline location and appearance. Your question and pictures would probably be more suited for

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I’m 59 and If I part my hair you wouldn’t notice thinning, however I like to comb my hair back and recently you can see the uneven hairline you see with thinning in addition to seeing the thinning which actually makes a broken nose look bigger. I can see how something like 300 grafts would solve it. Am I just being too vain?

I guess solve isn’t the right word ’cause i assume thinning will continue. And more procedures may be needed every couple years. Is that a correct assessment?

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In a man of your age, I would expect that the progressive hair loss has already stopped and a hair transplant could solve the problem. I am not sure that 300 grafts would do the job, but I suppose it depends on how uneven your hairline is and what you want changed.

To determine what you need and balance it against what you want, you need to meet with a doctor to determine what your goals are. What I generally do is draw a line for the proposed hairline, estimate the ‘gap’ between this drawn hairline (we decide together where this line is). Then I figure out how much hair it would take to fill in the area behind the drawn hairline to where your existing hairline is.

You are not vain. Everyone has an image of what they would like to look like and you are no different than most men. I had a hair transplant last year (age 70) to fill in a balding crown with great results. You can see photos from that here.

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Lindsey BuckinghamHello Dr. Rassman,
With Fleetwood Mac starting up on a new world tour this year, I was just wondering if you could shed some light on guitarist Lindsey Buckingham’s hairline. It is without a doubt much higher than when he was younger, but its perfectly straight across the temples. Hair transplant or genetics?


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His hairline did move up, but it’s difficult to tell for sure if there was work done based on the small photo you linked to. I did a Google Image Search and found some larger photos that appear to show a natural hairline. Maybe he has some styling at the corners to change the hairline’s appearance.

There’s a larger version of the above photo here.

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I’m 25 years old. Writing to determine if this appears to be MPB or a maturing hairline. Pictures with green walls are current.

I have also attached an image from April 2012, 2009 (black button down shirt) & 2005 (light blue shirt) in an attempt to show if there is or is not any progression since juvenile hair line.

My haircut is now more razor edged, not sure if this is contributing to my concerns. I believe I’m in pretty good shape hair line wise at 25, but will further pursue this if you feel MPB could be the case.

If you would like me to take clearer pictures for the use on the website let me know. I realize it is hard to tell without properly examining, any advice is appreciated.

Thank you

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Click the photos to enlarge:


The photos are a little blurry, but it appears that your hairline is just maturing. I didn’t post the photos from 2005 or 2009, because they were way too small for the site… but from 2005 to 2009, there did appear to be some hairline maturation. And now in 2013, your hairline appears to have continued to mature. If it is just maturation, that is normal.

There’s no way for me to know just by the photos if your hair is miniaturizing elsewhere on your scalp, though. You would need to have an in-person examination to determine that. But overall, your hairline appears strong and based on the photos (see above), I don’t see a concern.

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I would greatly appreciate some feedback regarding my frontal hairline. It appears that my corners have thinned/ receded during the last couple years. I am 23 years old male. I’m concerned about my hair line at the moment and questioning what would be an appropriate approach to take. Would Propecia and Rogaine be a smart idea? I currently live in an area which does not have local access to a physician regarding hair loss, although this is something I’m looking into. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Click the photos to enlarge:


It does appear that you are experiencing early hair loss with a Norwood class 3 pattern showing at this time. There is erosion of the corner hairline with thinning present. At your age, the best treatment would be finasteride (Propecia or the generic form of it) as it would be likely to stop the process. Your family doctor can prescribe finasteride 5mg to you and then you would cut them into quarters and take 1/4 per day.

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