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As a woman in my 40s, I have had thin hair all my life. The thinning got much worse after childbirths. About 15 years ago I discovered toppik and started using it. I had used it everyday until now. A few months ago I started having more than usual hair loss and started considering a wig. Around that time I met Dr. Rassman who mentioned the SMP procedure to me. Since there wasn’t much to lose at that point I decided to give it a try.

I completed my procedure today and feel compelled to share how pleased I am with the result. For the first time in many years, I walked out in the open air without toppik. I am no longer worried people might see my scalp if they get too close. It is liberating to be able to get in the pool and not worry about toppik running on my face. Any woman who feels self conscious about her thin or thinning hair should visit Dr. Rassman and his partner Dr. Pak for a consultation. They are both perfectionists and won’t stop until they are happy with the results. The staff is also extremely professional who can put you at ease during your visit. I am so happy I had the procedure done, it’s life changing for me.

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Click the photos to enlarge (Before on left, After on right):

Thanks so much for sending in your email. I’ve posted your photos (with your permission) and appreciate your kind words.

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This patient is getting married soon and wanted her hair to look thicker quickly for her upcoming June wedding date. She was very concerned about not looking her best and wore her hair up (in a sort of bun) every time she went out to cover her thinning scalp. She could not imagine wearing her hair up in a bun for her wedding, and her husband-to-be preferred her to let her hair down. She came to us to have Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) done, and she was then able to take her hair out of the bun and walk around with the hairstyle of her choosing.

SMP is an excellent treatment for thinning hair and she saw results the day she started the process. That is the best part of this process — the speed of seeing results, most times on the very first visit.

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Dr. Rassman,

What is your opinion on using products such as Toppik to enhance a hair transplant on a Norwood 6 or 7 patient who cannot achieve full coverage? Obviously the need to use a product like Toppik long-term may not be ideal, but for a man whose hair loss is too extensive to achieve full coverage from donor hair, a keratin hair-binding product combined with a hair transplant may be the most effective and natural looking solution for a lot of men with extensive balding.

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A bald Norwood class 6 or 7 patient does not do well with a concealer like Toppik, which works better with some hair. Many men who use this product without hair in the bald area will actually show the Toppik itself, which is often irregular in the way it is put down. If used to enhance a hair transplant that is not thick enough, it might work if it can be applied so that the Toppik can not be detected. The keratin hair granular product has significant disadvantages, as it can come off on your clothes, your sheets and pillows, and when someone runs their fingers through your hair.

There is another treatment which is a permanent concealer that can thicken up a hair transplant look — Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP). If you look at the SMP site, you will see examples of this type of concealer and most of these patients (who have hair that is just not thick enough) can avoid another hair transplant with the SMP alone. We have successfully used this SMP technique to address individuals whose balding patterns are too large and the transplants too few to get the coverage they want.

As everyone is different, I would suggest that you request a virtual consultation with me and send photographs in good lighting so that I can understand your problem as you see it. Also, please include a phone number.

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I have fine thin hair that you can see through in some lighting situations. Would SMP work in the front as well as the back as an effective concealor? I want to still keep my hair long for now and do a bit of SMP then maybe do more SMP down the road.

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Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is an effective concealer, but it is not the answer to everyone’s concealer needs. From your description, I can not determine what you look like… and without speaking with you, I can’t determine what would make you happy with your appearance.

At the least, send some pictures and schedule a telephone consultation so we can try to address your needs.

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Hello, I want to find out the price of SMP only on the front of the head. And could you tell us about your location please? Thanks

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The cost of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) varies, and we generally do NOT perform SMP only to the front of the head (e.g. first inch) because it may not look uniform and blend in with the top. Since SMP is permanent, you would need to see a doctor for a history and examination to plan out a Master Plan for possible future hair loss. We’re located in Los Angeles if you’d like to have a consultation.

What is critically important to us is that our patients understand the impact of the things we do as it fits into their aging process. The fact that you would inquire about SMP to just the frontal hairline is a possible red flag to me that you may not understand the long term consequence of SMP. In other words, what will you do if you lose all your hair on the front or top a few years from now? How will that look? Are you prepared for more SMP or even surgery? Even if you are, I generally do NOT recommend partial or temporary fixes at my practice.

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With hair loss I realized there is another area which became an issue. This area is nape area, the dip above the donor area. Can SMP work in these areas?

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Yes, generally Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) can be used anywhere on the scalp (even eyebrows and beard areas).

You can send us a photo to for a formal consultation. Along with a good photo of the area you want to treat, please provide (1) your name, (2) contact info, (3) hair loss / treatment history, (4) goals, and (5) location – since we offer travel discounts.

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i have a question about pubic hair transplants. i would like to use this hair because i have limited donor and very thin body hair. i was told the only way to remove this was by incision. i do not want a scar in this area. i would take hair from this area in a heartbeat if fue’s could be done. are fue’s possible in this area? thanks for taking my question

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I have done pubic hair to scalp transplants before — a couple of them were with FUE, and most with a small strip. Scarring should not be a big problem, depending on the amount of grafts that are removed. All surgery produces some kind of scarring, though, even if it is minimal or barely detectable. The quality and character of your pubic hair might not be what you want to appear on your scalp, but that is up to you.

If you are looking to give the appearance of thicker hair, there is an alternative with Scalp Micropigmentation. Take a look at some photos of SMP in use with thinning hair and see if this applies to your problem.

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What is your view on using SMP for someone with a fair bit of hair, fairly stable with propecia/minox for over 10years with a bit of thinning? Wanted to fill in the crown a bit to minimize the contrast of light brown hair and the scalp of a caucasian 42 yar old male? Is this a good solution and could it negatively impact a hair transplant in the future if need be?

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Yes, it could have value if you already have some hair in the crown. Think long term –if you lose all of your crown hair, then the SMP will not work so well, but a hair transplant could solve that if and when that occurs. SMP works reasonably well in thinning hair.

If you would like a formal consult you can send your photos to (it will be confidential) and I will reply with more clarity.

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Dear Doctor Rassman,

First of all, thank you for your blog, it’s a huge source of information. I had a hair transplant over 20 years ago. It has not given me the result I was (naively) looking for. This is why I want to shave my head with a no guards clippers. Then I am looking to fill my scar with SMP to hide it. I took photos today as part of the consultation but I noticed I have small squares of reddened skin above and below the scar. Do you have an idea what this could be and would you have any advice to maybe soften it? You have my permission to use my photo.

Thanks and all the best

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And thank you for allowing us to publish your photo here. Click to enlarge:


We routinely perform Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) at our office on a daily basis for the type of scars you have. In fact, most scars we see are worse than the one you show. I’m not sure why you’d still see any redness around the scar if you had your surgery two decades ago, though. A topical hydrocortisone might reduce the redness, but you should talk to your dermatologist about this.

If you would like more information on having SMP done, you can call our office at (310) 553-9113 or (800) NEW-HAIR for a consultation with a doctor. And for those interested in seeing a before/after example of SMP done over a strip scar, here’s one such patient:


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I called a few clinics doing SMP and there seems to be various approach in terms of anesthesia for SMP into a scar. Some don’t give anything, others say they apply an anesthetizing cream an other give injections. Which is the best approach to reduce any discomfort to a minimum ? I would not do it without any anesthesia and I am not sure applying a cream is enough. Can you comment ?


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A topical cream anesthetic might work on other parts of the body where skin absorbs the medication (like your mouth), but it does not necessarily work as well on thick skin and scalp. Many tattoo parlors use numbing cream, but I do not believe it would work well on the scalp.

Some places that offer SMP do not provide any medication, because they are non-medical clinics, and do not have a licensed physician that can administer the medication.

In our practice, we use local anesthesia so there is no pain or discomfort. We also offer light sedation and laughing gas (nitrous oxide) to minimize any discomfort or anxiety.

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