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Nearly 3 years ago we posted about limb regeneration, and at the time I stated, “I read this material with great anticipation that someday we will see such breakthroughs available to us all, but I couldn’t say when that might happen.” While I was initially skeptical that this would be made available for hair loss patients so soon, Dr. Cooley’s presentation at the recent ISHRS meeting shows that it can be effective for hair.

Someone recently pointed out a video from CBS News about extracellular matrix that aired in early 2008 that I don’t recall seeing, so I wanted to bring it to light here:

Video: Regenerated Body Parts

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I found this humorous clip from i love lucy where ricky thinks he’s going bald and lucy gives him a hair growing treatment. Very funny!

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I love this. Thanks for sending it! This is a clip from season 1 of “I Love Lucy” that originally aired in 1952. There’s not much more I can add here, so just watch the video below and enjoy!



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From this past weekend’s season premiere of SNL, a fake commercial for Bosley pokes fun at the use of body hair in transplantation. If you can’t see the video below, here’s the direct link.


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Hi doctors. I’m a big fan of your work and this site. Thank you for what you do!!

I just saw this video by Dr Umar using beard hair taken with the FUE technique as the donor into the line scar from the strip technique. I know how you feel about body hair transplants and I agree that the results from using body hair on front/top of the scalp generally look unimpressive, but what about using body hair densely packed into the strip scar? Even if the hairs never get too long or have a different growth cycle, its just being used in the scar.

I have a scar and it doesn’t bother me, but if I have the option to essentially eliminate the appearance of the line I might consider something like this. I wanted to get your thoughts about using body hair for this and whether one could use hair from another part of the body for the same thing (why not chest hair for example). Check it out:

YouTube video

Thanks again

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While I do have reservations about using body hair transplants, my biggest problem is when they’re used in the frontal hairline or top of the scalp. That being said, the use of beard hair to transplant into a linear scalp scar (from a hair transplant) is reasonable. The beard hair has a thicker hair shaft than most scalp hair and it would work well to fill in the scar.

I have used it on a limited basis, particularly when a plastic surgeon supplies me the beard skin after a facelift. The few cases I have done (one with FUE) have worked nicely.

As I mentioned in a past post, I cannot give an endorsement of Dr. Umar because I have not reviewed his work beyond what I’ve seen in YouTube videos. The video is impressive, though it is a bit long, so for those that don’t want to watch the whole thing just skip to about 2:30 to see how the linear scars disappeared.



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Dr uses Latisse on scalp. Here is the youtube link

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I’d consider this as human experimentation and there is no evidence that Latisse (bimatoprost) grows hair on the scalp. It was FDA approved for growing longer eyelashes, but it is not approved for use on the scalp. Could it work? Possibly, but I don’t know why you’d want to be the guinea pig. Aside from potential safety risks in applying it all over the scalp, there is the financial part of it since the drug is normally sold in a very tiny tube meant to apply to eyelashes.

I’ve embedded the video here:


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Dear Dr Rassman,

You mentioned bimatoprost a week or so ago. Has anyone you know tried using it for scalp hair growth? Apparently some doctors have been experimenting (see link). As a rule, of course, one should wait for clinical trials. But if, according to the FDA, the drug is safe enough to put in your eyes for glaucoma, surely applying it to your scalp wouldn’t be dangerous?


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I have heard some scuttlebutt in the hair professional community that bimatoprost does not work on the balding scalp, but I really do not know much about it as I do not use or promote it. I wouldn’t want to speculate on the dangers, as I don’t know enough about the medication at this point.

That being said, the comedy site created a parody of the Latisse commercials that Brooke Shields did. Check it out:

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Hey doc,
I know you’re not a fan of the various hair loss treatment lasers and I found this video that backs up your opinion. I thought you’d be interested in seeing it.

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Thanks for sending this in. The video appears to have been produced by Feller Medical, and the basic argument it makes is that the laser doesn’t penetrate the skin, therefore it can’t possibly do what is claimed.

I’ve embedded the video here for all to see:

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I was watching this video on youtube

This gentleman, John Crisler, D.O. says finasteride can smash an endocrine system ans leave you impotent, even in cases where a person has been taking it for as little as week. Can you speak to this? Is this doctor, just pushing his own concoctions. This is quite scary, no?

Thanks in advance

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In my opinion, he is just promoting his own product. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and just because someone has two letters behind their name, it does not make them an authority. Yes, that includes me.

For what its worth, in the video he says he has NEVER prescribed finasteride. So how can he be such an authority just by reading unverified posts on a “Yahoo discussion forum”? I have been prescribing Propecia for over 10 years now and I have not seen a patient with such “terrible” and “irreversible” side effects. I do see some patients (1-2%) that have side effects, but when they stop or lower the dosage of the medication, the side effects reversed. Maybe I am just lucky.

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Dr Bernstein on Fox NewsMy friend Dr. Robert Bernstein was recently featured in a couple of segments on the Fox News Channel’s morning show, Fox and Friends. I got the 1st segment posted in a video below:


I can’t figure out how to embed the video for the 2nd segment (“After the Show”) on the page, so I’ll just link to it below. I hope I’m not spoiling any surprises, but in this clip, Dr. Bernstein gets asked about treating a seal for hair loss. And no, they were not talking about the singer.

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What do you make of the video below. It claims excess sebum on the scalp can cause hair loss and that the tincture of herbals and scrubbing (and brushing?) help to allow the hair follicles underneath to grow. Is there any chance that this could work? I am under the impression that shampoo eliminates sebum. Off topic regarding shampoo, should we be shampooing our scalp and our hair or just our hair?

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There is hope everywhere (after all, it springs eternal). I would doubt that anything shown here will work for another person as it did for the lady demonstrating the technique in the beginning of the above video from Honolulu’s ABC affiliate. It’s obvious the news anchors have no idea about what they’re talking about when discussing hair loss, and this is quite a puff piece for this herbal maker.

As to your other question — you should shampoo your scalp and hair (the main reason for shampooing is to clean the scalp).

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