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Update: The video is gone now, but here’s the story — Gooch hair adverts ‘misleading’

The BBC aired a watchdog report about a laser hair treatment center in the UK, called Advanced Hair Studio. This is a very well made 10 minute long report and well worth watching.

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Great site. I am a long time reader, first time poster.

My question is this: Is it possible to use donor hair from a friend/family member with the same style hair your have if there not enough donor hair on a subject?

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Hair could be donated from other people just like organ donation, but without drugs to suppress the immune response, it will be rejected. Patients who are receiving an organ transplant need to be matched before the surgery for antigen compatibility and stay on anti-rejection medication for the rest of their lives. If you have an identical twin, it will work because the hair has the same genetic code as you would have.

Here’s a clip from our NHI video about identical twins and hair transplantation:

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College student Russ Jowell’s dream was to have a head of hair again, and as the winner of ABC TV’s “The Great American Dream Vote”, his dream was granted by the New Hair Institute in the form of hair transplantation surgery.

I sat down to speak with him the day after his surgery so he could tell the viewing audience what it’s like to win all that money, the car, and the rest of the amazing prizes. Plus, find out what his hair transplant surgery experience was like and how his life has changed since the show. Look at him and see if you can tell that he had a hair transplant the day before.

For more about the show, click here.

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Part 2 of 2:

For part 1 and a brief description, please see yesterday’s posting here.

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This man had the ugly, pluggy hair transplant procedure that was common in the mid 80s. Unfortunately, many, many people think that this is the standard and that if they have a hair transplant, this is what they are going to look like. I spend a great deal of time trying to explain away these types of results, telling prospective patients that today’s standards are so natural that you can not tell them from a person who did not lose their hair. Now with that said, here is a patient that has had some repair work for his old-style hair transplants. Unfortunately, he did not have enough donor hair to fix it the way I would have liked to do it, but what he shows here is much better than what he had when he first came to see me. I asked him if he would talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly and he sat down with me to talk about what it’s like for someone who has this kind of ‘old’ hair transplant work, how difficult it is to fix, and what the limitations are for someone looking to fix a bad job.

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It might be 10 months old, but it’s new to me! I just stumbled on this video, and it really put a real smile on my face. It goes to the core of the hair loss innovations. Enjoy.

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Dear Doc

Thanks alot for this blog site. I had a transplanting surgery of about 600 to 700 gratfs towards the end of April this year.

Now I am a bit worried, I must say that I started seeing new hair growing, but its not as dense as I supposed it would be. I still feel itching tendencies almost daily and sometimes I even get pimples. I have noticed also that some of my hair that was there before the op had fallen gradually, is that normal? I am really getting worried, as against my expectations of getting better, the progress is slow.

Is this common? Thanks

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I always tell my patients that you have to wait out a full 8 months before judging the results of a hair transplant. You are now approaching 6 months and should soon be starting to see the effects of the hair transplant. The hair which may have broken through the skin may not have any length to it at 6 months, so do not panic.

Take a look at Steve Hartman’s photos and see his results from month to month. His results at 8 months are wonderful, but at 5 months he only had fuzz in the recipient area.

View the video below to see one man’s example of hair growth that was taken and narrated by him.

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This is the first video of a new showcase of interviews with everyday people (both men and women) about their experiences with thinning hair — whether just noticing random people, family members, or even losing hair themselves. Based on the response I get, more of these style videos will be added to the site. Please feel free to post a comment or email me privately with your thoughts about these.

So please meet Jenny. She’s in her mid-20s, born and raised in Southern California. These are her opinions.

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This is the final video in a 3 part series. To see the previous two clips:

In this clip below, I provide some tips to remember when considering a hair transplant procedure.

Please enjoy part 3 of 3 below:


Here’s part 2 of the 3 part series. For part 1, please see the video here.

In this clip below, I discuss the old hair plugs of yesteryear and hair pieces (also known as hair systems or toupees).

Please enjoy part 2 of 3 below:


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