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We put together a short video series for this site that showcases a little of the history of the innovations made at the New Hair Institute in the field of hair transplantation. This video does have some potentially graphic images of an FUE procedure (grafts being removed, there is a little bit of blood) — so please be warned if you’ve got a weak stomach.

I hope you enjoy part 1 of 3 below:


I’ve recieved a few emails in the past months asking for an update with some of my Extreme Makeover patients. What is always a pleasure for me is the ability to show the results of a hair transplant, not just with the patient and their family, but with strangers at events like our monthly ‘open house’ events, and on websites and TV shows like Extreme Makeover. Just to give a little background for those that are not aware, I was asked to perform hair transplantation surgery for a number of patients on the nationally broadcast series called Extreme Makeover in 2004-2005. One of these patients was musician Marque Strong. He was featured on the NHI website right before his episode aired, but there hadn’t been much to update about until Marque paid us a visit and allowed his meeting with Dr. Rassman to be recorded for the blog. Hear Marque in his own words and see his great new hairline in this video:

For more info on Marque and to see his complete set of before photos, please see his NHI feature.


Meet Patient NG, a man in his 30’s with slightly wavy, black hair. He had 3 procedures at the New Hair Institute totaling 7,470 grafts. The video was shot just days after his 3rd procedure (1833 grafts), so the hair had obviously not grown in yet, but you can hear for yourself just how much having a nice head of hair has changed his life. Please enjoy.


I have white hair. Most of the pictures on your website are of people with dark hair. Are white haired people also candidates for hair transplantation? Are the results of transplants on white hair people as good as darker hair people?

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White hair is always better than dark hair for hair transplants. There is a good reason why white is better — it glistens and reflects light. The reflection of the light impedes the eye’s ability to descriminate what it is seeing and the reflection always makes the hair shaft look bigger. I always tell my white or gray haired patients not to dye it black, because they give up the value that the white hair gives in producing a fuller head of hair. That’s the up-side.

For a good example of a patient with white hair, please take a look at Patient OD in the NHI photo gallery. Also, another example is the close up below photo of white hair that glistens by reflecting ambient light. Please click the photo to enlarge and you well see only the dark hairs in focus. The white hairs are almost invisible, yet the light that is reflected shows far more value than even the dark hairs that are so well defined on the close up.

The down side for people with white hair is that it is almost invisible to the eye, even on magnification. To get good yields from the harvesting of white hair, you need to use very high powered microscopes so that you see every hair and do not unintentionally damage it.

Note: This video is of surgical nature and may be too graphic for some viewers.


My brother had a hair transplant with you last summer and I’m seriously considering it myself. I’m still on the fence, but I know that my hair isn’t just going to magically regrow in the front and my brother’s hair is coming in quite nicely. That’s a very positive thing. Anyways I’ve been reading a TON of stuff online (thank you so much for this blog) but I have not read anything about how you cut the hairs out of the donor strip. So I’m just curious to know what is involved with removing the hairs from the strip once the strip is cut from the donor area? Thanks

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It is natural to be curious and even nervous if you are considering a hair transplant procedure. The best thing is to come to one of our monthly Open House events to see a live surgery take place (on closed circuit TV with the patient’s blessing) and meet NHI patients in person to see the quality of our work.

If the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, then I wonder what a video is worth?

Another great option is to watch this quick, informal video filmed during a hair transplant procedure, shot earlier this week at the New Hair Institute’s Los Angeles office. The video, found below, shows a quick scan of the surgical room, followed by a technician dissecting the grafts from the strip under a microscope. The video is narrated by Dr. Rassman — you can try to count the words, but hopefully, this video speaks more than just a “thousand words”.

Note: This video is of surgical nature and may be too graphic for some viewers.

There’s also more videos available on the NHI Videos page.


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