This young man has a small amount of recession. I believe that what you see in these photographs is movement of the corners to the level of the mature hairline. What made his hairline ‘V’ shaped is that his juvenile hairline in only about 1cm from it original location when he was 10 years old. I known this because his widows peak extends only 1cm from the mid-line hairline and its point, is exactly where his 10 year old hairline was. Because he had only focused on the corners, we performed 800 grafts to flatten these corners. With his medium-coarse hair, one session will likely solve his problem. Two things worth noting: (1) the small area transplanted with a minimal number of grafts and (2) the fast healing. We instructed the patient to shampoo off the remaining crusts which he did over the next two days.

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After (just 5 days post-surgery):




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