I think I’m what one would call a Norwood 7 balding pattern. There is no hair almost throughout my head and its been years since I had a hairline. I am concerned that if I have scalp micro pigmentation, that everyone I know will be able to tell that I had something done. My temple points are also not there, as the hair that is left does not go past my ears.

What has been your experience with SMP for this type of most extreme balding?

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We have done Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) on many people like you. The detectability of it depends upon many factors, especially your hair color. If it is jet black, then the SMP will make an appreciable difference in your look; however, what I have found in doing hair transplants and SMP procedures over the years is that unless what you see looks abnormal, many people will not detect that you had anything done. The key to undetectability is a normal, natural look, especially in the hairline.

What I’ve seen on various SMP websites where the operators only know one style of look, the hairline appears abnormal, with harshly straight edges, like it was shaved with a straight razor. That type of look is not normal and if you don’t believe me, look at some of the people who walk around you at shopping centers and try to find the shaved frontal leading edge of the hairline on anyone with normal hair. The hairline must be designed with an irregular frontal leading edge, and that type of skill is something we developed after performing thousands of hair transplant procedures.

I have always been amazed how poorly hairlines are designed, even amongst the hair transplant community; nevertheless, our experience in creating hairlines makes our skills far beyond what a tattooist has in performing SMP on a man like you. To see what I am talking about, look at the following hair transplant in a Norwood class 7 patient, and note that this is a completely transplanted hairline done in the baldest of men. Proper SMP should be just the closely cropped look of that hairline.

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