In your before and after pictures, few patients show their face. Why is that? If I could afford a hair transplant and had a great result, I would show my face and feel proud of it.

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First, with regard to costs, the costs have dropped significantly over the past decade because of better techniques and more competition. Second, cost is a relative term. What may seem “expensive” to one person may be “priceless” to another. In absolute terms hair transplants can typically cost under $10,000 and it depends on the number of grafts you need.

With respect to patients showing their face, this is a private matter for each individual. Some patients have no issue with letting the world know of their transformation. Some rather remain anonymous. We respect the wishes of each individual. In fact most patients rather not have photos published (even when it does not show the face). Some of our best work at New Hair Institute will never be published and go unnoticed to the public. There were a few of our patients on stage and in the audience during the recent Oscars for the world to see but their results will never be published on our site. Each patient has to sign a written consent form giving us permission to publish any photos (even if it doesn’t show their face).

Before hair transplant

After 2400 grafts