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I see that they are growing hair from laser. Is this laser different than what you have used in the past? These results are from the The Drs show in tv.I f you look at the women in the audience she had great results.

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I’ve embedded the video here:

The results in the video look good, but they are not my experience. I had the identical low level light laser (Revage) about 5 years ago in my office. It was given to me free of charge in hopes that I would endorse the product. To find out if it worked, I offered laser treatments to all of my patients for free for up to a year. Not too many people came in to try it, but of those who did, I have before and after pictures taken.

The doctor in the video above says it could be up to $5000 per year for these laser treatments (and trips to the office a few times a week), but if you’re seeing results and have no other options, I suppose that could be worth the trouble. But if you end up seeing no or very minor results, that wouldn’t be surprising to me. During my yearlong try out on patients, I was not impressed that the patients experienced any impact on their hair, except from the hair transplants they got from me.

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