Hello Dr.Rassman and team. Just wanted to say you guys are doing an excellent job educating people like myself about hair loss and what available options are out there to cope with baldness.

I had a couple questions regarding hair density. Lets say for example two men have a hundred hairs on their hairline. Could one of the individuals hairline seem thinner then the others even though they have the same amount of hair at the hairline? As well, lets say one person has 50 hairs on their hairline and another has 100. Could the person with the 50 hairs still appear to be thicker hairline then the one with 100 hairs?

I understand it depends on hair type for example straight vs. curly hair. The curly hair would appear thicker even though there is less hair. But I want to know in individuals with black hair which is slightly wavy.

Thank you once again for your excellent work.

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I think you answered your own question. Hair density is not just about numbers when it comes to the look of fullness. It all depends on skin to hair color contrast, hair style, length, diameter of the hair shafts, wave, and distribution.

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