I have a couple questions. Do you recommend a daily multivitamin or anything like b-6 or zinc?

I have an ugly head…if I see nothing works and I decide to go with a semi permanent toupe, would you recommend something like cyberhair, which can be glued on a month at a time? The pics look so good but I couldnt glue it on or make it match. Or do you think this is the worst thing a person can do?

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Multivitamins are always good. No problem with using them, but they aren’t going to make your hair regrow.

People who have abnormal shaped heads love hair transplants, as a good hair transplant with long hair covers most skull abnormalities. Wigs also work, but that choice is clearly yours to make. Obviously, the biggest difference is that the surgical method is permanent and doesn’t require the same maintenance or financial costs that a wig does in order to look real.

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