Hi Dr Rassman

What is your advise for patients with below average density and great laxity ? I got a hair transplant a month ago but it turns out my density of hairs is 60 hair per square cm and above the ears it was only 40 hair per centimeters. Am I still an acceptable candidate for a hair transplant ?

The Dr managed to cut a strip which went over the ears yet it only gave a total over 2660 grafts in the end. Since my hair is thick and wavy it appears like I have more hair than I really do. I come from an Indian background, but my density is even lower than Indian and in fact its lower in comparison to the Chinese society as well. The Doctor then transplant 30 grafts per centimetres per square using the FUT method.

Block Quote

The magic formula is balancing the supply that is available with the demand for hair (Norwood Class). A Norwood class 3 patient will not be impacted by low donor density, while a class 6 or 7 patient may not be able to meet his goals. Good laxity helps offset the lower density in donor yield, but the eventual supply will be restricted.

Did you ask your doctor for an estimate on how many hair transplants you would need to achieve your goals?

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