Dear Dr. Rassman:

I am a 45 year old male with obvious hair plugs. I had two sessions done back in 1993. In considering all of my repair options, I would like to just be naturally bald. I wonder the hair transplanted can be removed. I am not interested in additional grafting. I like to be bald. Thank you.

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Shaving your head will probably bring out the pitting in the recipient area that often accompanies the old style of hair plugs. We have developed a process call Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP), which works well when the hair is clipped very short to make you look like a normal fellow with a shaved head. The pitting I mentioned is often hidden by this process, but I would have to see you to tell you what can be done.

Here’s an example of a patient that had SMP done to hide his plug scars in the donor area. The photo was taken immediately after one session.



If you are not in California, send some good photos with multiple angles to the email address on the Contact page and I will try to give you an opinion over the phone.

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