Is it possible to smooth out just a small area where old hairline used to be that was damaged from surgically removing old plugs? I am a 45 year old male who had a hair transplant in 1984. I had one session (47 plugs, about 8-10 hairs each plug) around the frontal-hairline part. I did not like it as the result was not what I had expected so did not go back for another one.

In 1988 I had all of the plugs surgically removed. For the most part it looks ok except for the right side above the right temple but close to the forehead. In certain lighting you can see the scarring and tell that it was where the old transplant hairline was as they fall in or pitted is the word used to describe it (where 5 plugs were removed on this side). So instead of having cobblestones I now have the opposite.

I would be interested in seeing if just this area can be improved by either laser therapy to smooth it out or to do a surgical scar repair and pull the skin tighter on these 5 only or any other recommendation? If it improved just 50% it would be a great improvement. I would not be interested in another hair transplant. I keep my hair long enough so the donor area is ok as is.

Also, would massaging this area help smooth it out or make it worse? Thank you and your site is amazing and very much appreciated.

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In general, scalp scars (or any scars really) are very difficult to treat. If there is something that can be done, it would involve understanding that the outcome will not be perfect.

You are asking a very specific question for a case that is likely quite unique. You would need to visit a doctor one-on-one and have him/her examine you for their assessment and recommendations. Since you indicated that you’re in New York, you could check with Dr. Robert Bernstein.

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