Dr Jino KimJino Kim, M.D. specializes exclusively in hair transplant restoration surgery.

He received his undergraduate degree from the Yon-Sei University in Seoul, Korea with a major in medicine in 1997. After four years of Plastic Surgery residency at Yon-Sei University Graduate School of Medicine, Dr. Kim practiced that specialty for over 3 years. During that time he performed hundreds of facial, and body repairs including hair transplant restoration.

During his career as a general plastic surgeon in Korea he realized that the hair transplant restoration technique being used in Asia needed improvement. In 2004 Dr. Kim decided to dedicate his practice solely to the field of hair transplants and began looking for ways to contribute to medical advances, better services & better results for patients in Korea and the rest of Asia.

To expand his knowledge on hair transplantation, Dr. Kim took a sabbatical to visit and train with several well respected hair restoration authorities in the United States. Dr. Kim trained extensively with Dr. William Rassman and Dr. Jae Pak of the New Hair Institute to fine tune his hair transplantation technique to apply to the Korea/ Asian population back home.

In 2009 Dr Kim opened the New Hair Institute branch in Seoul, Korea adhering to the same quality, technique, and principles of Dr. William Rassman.